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  1. Sarindar at | | Reply

    Never mind the dress, her knees look dirty!! Never heard of exfoliation?

    1. Preets at | | Reply

      You mean her knees are pigmented/tanned? How’s exfoliation gonna help with that? Should she peel her knee skin off??

    2. Jazz at | | Reply

      Well, may be she does take care of them. I do too, but the pigmentation is more on that area and I just cant seem to get rid of it :( :( :( … Any tips?

      1. Shina at | | Reply

        May be learning to accept our body -as it is naturally. To an extent beauty treatments are good but to try to make knees same as the rest of the legs this is going too far for me.

      2. Preets at | | Reply

        Urm why are you so desperate to lighten them? They’re part of you. Enjoy them. Wear a skirt and own it! Nobody will be looking at your knees. #indianmentality #sotiresome :((

        1. Paroma at | | Reply

          Why this obsession over knees? Never knew it was an issue till I started following HHC

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    This is an average look. There isn’t a thing that sticks out or has the wow factor. Her hair-bleh. The dress-even more bleh. The shoes-eh.

  3. RM at | | Reply

    She always looks slightly unkempt to me, and I’m not a fan of the dress/hair/shoes together at all. Relaxed and comfortable doesn’t mean that you look like very little effort has gone into the look.

    1. Hansini at | | Reply


  4. Anya at | | Reply

    Everytime I see her featured on this website, I laugh at all she had to show off about on KWK especially about another actress’s fashion sense.

  5. sree at | | Reply

    Another very uninteresting look from this girl. So much potential wasted.

  6. rs at | | Reply

    So boring.

  7. Amodini at | | Reply

    Not a fan of taupe/beige/dirt-colored dresses. That hair looks like she crawled out of bed. And does she only possess a single pair of shoes? Because she wears them all the time.

  8. Senorita at | | Reply

    she’s 20 and she wears taupe? can’t she take a leaf out of the book of Kiernan Shipka — so much younger, such a more difficult age to dress and she wows every time, looking neither twee nor cutesy nor dressing three times her age. I get everyone’s not into fashion, but surely she can hire someone?

  9. SNEHA VALIA at | | Reply

    Why doesn’t she dress her age?I mean if I was her age and had all these designers at my disposal I would definitely splurge on better and more fun,edgy,funky and colourful clothes then her..I would like to see her with different hairstyles and also more of Alice and Olivia and clothes from more younger and edgier designers..And she comments on Parineeti’s dressing sense,please get a “young and more fun” stylist for yourself now!!

  10. Aayushi at | | Reply

    wow lopsided twins in first pic? HAHAHA

  11. KS at | | Reply

    I guess Alia does not care too much about fashion coz she is plainly dressed most of the times.. Doesn’t make an effort to look like a diva/fashionista.. Frankly i don’t have a problem with this coz she is doing some great work in movies. its not like she is wearing absolutely hideous outfits. She is just more inclined towards casual no fuss style. And from the younger lot prefer someone like Alia over Sonam coz she is concentrating more on acting/movies than just being a well dressed bimbo. You know what i mean :P

  12. neha at | | Reply

    Why so dishevelled all the time Alia?…..and then comment on other people’s dress sense. She doesn’t carry clothes very well .some other actress could’ve made even this dress work……..she needs to put in much more effort…….

  13. D at | | Reply

    Neither the clothes, nor her makeup and hair are age-appropriate. I agree with the rest ^^, she needs to add some zing to her wardrobe.

  14. Neharika at | | Reply

    Alia as much as I like you…this look is not working for me…You are young and should wear some fun colors…this look is plain boring…rather than going to such designers just go to H&M or Forever 21 and find something that suits your age… You will save a ton of money too :)

    1. umarana at | | Reply

      like she pays for this herself :)

  15. umarana at | | Reply

    terribly bland and unattractive dress – those sequins are for plain-faced aunties not you Alia!

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