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  1. KK at | | Reply

    EWWWWW! The shirt is so tight. I can’t believe Twinkle let him walk out the house wearing that. YICKS!

  2. keya at | | Reply

    I always find it so funny when Akshay tries to be sexxyy !!! :o
    n this shirt is hillarious… may be he had a little too much of food that night so his tummy is coming out poping the shirt buttons :P
    for me “akshay” and “sexy”… never ever go togather..

  3. chic chick at | | Reply

    OMG!!!! this shirt is SO incredibly tacky. Im not surpirsed though, with a few exceptions akshay is quite a pathetic dresser. Bwood men REALLY need stylists pronto.

  4. nefertiti at | | Reply

    eww! he hadn’t plan to sit down with that on? Or was it one of those washer disasters.

  5. asli koel at | | Reply

    He he He !!

    When we were kids we used to sing this song

    “And band motor stand piche dekho fata pant”

    (AND band motor stand, if you look behind the pant is torn”)

    He he he

  6. Indianlover at | | Reply

    ummm yuckdeee

  7. debs at | | Reply

    Akshay very rarely dresses well. This is no exception. Strange how one half of a couple can be so elegant and stylish and the other a complete basket case.

  8. K at | | Reply

    That shirt material is really bad… I’m not sure what its called but it looks like plastic. :/ Maybe it wouldn’t look so bad had Akki paired it with jeans instead of those pants he borrowed from Jeetendra!

  9. asli koel at | | Reply

    In the last picture it looks like he is breaking wind…

  10. Padma at | | Reply

    ha ha! the incredible hulk!!

  11. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Hahahaahaha @ the shirt
    I mean how can Twinkle let him out like that? :P
    Other than that, he’s hot.

  12. deewani at | | Reply

    hahaha this was hilarious

  13. kaya at | | Reply

    LOL at the comment on the last pic!:D

    Girls, before I comment on the post I have to tell you this, this site along with just 2-3 others has become like my online home…honestly, I wake up each morning and automatically without thinking go through the site… then if I am on the laptop during the day I inevitably check back at least 1-2 times on auto-pilot lol… basically what I want to say is that the site is getting better and better and I wish you all the best, you’re doing a great job!! :) anddd I hope you’ve a great summer lol (I say all this at once as, It occurred to me, you visit someone’s online baby, their manifestation everyday, it makes you feel so good and you comment on it often because that comfort and familiarity exists on this site… but yet, you never speak to or appreciate the people behind it, yet you encounter them everyday and make them apart of each day… odd na? lol) All and all, I really appreciate this site :) Good Luck gals!!

    Now, back to business… all I’ve to say is, this man never, had a natural fashion sense, that’s exactly why sometime he gets it right and sometimes so so wrong, this problem wouldn’t occur with a natural..

  14. asli koel at | | Reply

    Last one is definitely a “Paddu” situation ….

    I hope he did not have a bean burrito with cabbage for a meal before this picture…

    (OK ! OK ! I am way off the line here but this is a really funny picture … he he )

  15. monika at | | Reply

    The buttons are about to pop out……lol.

  16. Megha at | | Reply

    oh Dear Lord

  17. Anu at | | Reply

    I don’t know if its possible but he’s got a camel toe going on in the first picture. hahaa.

  18. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    “Might we add that the far below last pic pretty much expresses what we felt when we saw him! ;)”

    Lol you guys are funny. :)

  19. Nick at | | Reply

    i like it when you don’t look like you had to be squeezed into something

  20. nalini at | | Reply

    my hubby has tried to walk out of the house like that but i make him go back and change into something that didn’t shrink in the wash!
    I think it is more embarrassing for the people who actually have to see that than it is for the person wearing the tight shirt

  21. chic chick at | | Reply

    LOL PnP just read this interview with akki where he said : Infact I’m not very stylish in personal life-I wear whatever I find comfortable, most of which are track pants or my wife (twinkle) decides what I should wear. If it weren’t for her I would be wearing yellow shoes and green jeans or something like that”
    Guess you were right about that then…

  22. asli koel at | | Reply


    I agree ! He he he

  23. Belle at | | Reply

    well…just coz he has muscles, and shirts wanna pop off! :P:P

  24. shraddha at | | Reply

    he needs 2 start taking sum advice frm his wife she`s always gorgeous and he looks …….. tack

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