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  1. Anu at | | Reply

    It actually looks like a belt-top with slacks to me, rather than denim. It sits far too tight at the hips for good use of that belt. Her entry is at 3:51 if you want to pause and replay :-)

  2. K at | | Reply

    Ash is so clearly making an effort to be nice. It’s kinda cute how much our actors devour the attention they get abroad! She looks pretty.. and I think it is a tunic.

  3. k= at | | Reply

    who did martha say indian movies got inspired from????? typical american!

    i think ash did well. and she looked lovely! :)

  4. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    I can’t hear what they are saying because I am at work(supposed to be working.. :) ), but she looks good. Now we know it was the dress at the PP premiere that was making her look heavier, she looks fine in this clip.

  5. mj at | | Reply

    did anyone notice her black bra strap peeking more than a little obviously far away from her tunic sleeves. AWFUL!! this woman is beautiful but has no style or class and is sooooo fake!! now to top that she can’t even get her underpinnings right??!!??

  6. ariel001 at | | Reply

    love the way she dresses when shes in the US but cant say the same when she’s in India.

    Its a tunic & skinny jeans.

  7. amreeta at | | Reply

    she looks gorgeous!!!

    but she should just keep her mouth shut and not go to any interviews. :(

  8. SS at | | Reply

    You know, I’ve read so many people commenting on how Aishwarya’s accent is “fake” when she’s talking to American interviewers. The truth is, almost none of us have a consistently employed accent – it varies according to the people we’re talking to. This does not make any of our accents fake. Why, even President Obama sounds different when he’s speaking in New York as opposed to when he’s speaking in a less urban state. Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan – all of these celebrities have a shift in their accents when they speak to the foreign press. It’s natural and probably a subconscious alteration to make oneself better understood.

  9. SS at | | Reply

    On an aside, she looks great, and is obviously handling Ms Stewart’s heavy-handedness with tact and patience.

  10. mj at | | Reply

    even if it a camisole, it should not be visible- it spoils the effect of the dress. sorry to be so fastidious on the point.

  11. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Thanks HHC for providing this link, I was looking for it just because I am an unabashed ash fan.

  12. s_star at | | Reply

    hmm – i read all the comments. while she looks lovely, something is off in her mannerism. very standoffish! i didn’t get a good vibe watching her – almost as if she was forced on being there..oh well! i have to say, as Nasrin pointed out, she is not natural (and never was) Freida on the other hand comes across very confident and amiable..

  13. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    I never really liked her but offlate I’ve been warming up to her. She does seem a lil nervous but she did great overall ! And I loved the clothes n hair n makeup !

  14. ronan at | | Reply

    she looked perfect on the show … go ash …. :)

  15. charan at | | Reply

    oh btw, i loved her top and looked stunning.

  16. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    @mj, in the US it is perfectly normal to wear and show a cami underneath low-neck,sleeveless, big-arm-holed, etc clothes.
    Cami in US is not equal to petticoat/slip in India.

  17. annie at | | Reply

    Nik: You shouldn’t be attacking the people commenting here. Mj was only talking about Aishwarya’s clothes choice and I agree with her. There is no business of a cami/or a bra peeking through a tunic. Aishwarya is a celebrity and should know about these details before coming to a show where the cameras are going to expose these details.

  18. PC at | | Reply

    I think Ash looked like a million bucks and what is with this stupid nitpicking of her “bra strap peakaboo?” She wore the tunic over a cami which was being seen from the side! Big deal! I think she handled the banal questions with a lot of Pizzazz!

  19. nik at | | Reply

    btw prat..thanks for liking my thoughts.. teehee

  20. anoo at | | Reply

    whts wrong with her dress???there’s nothing peekin out…..it looks gr8!!!for once she’s got it right…..!!!appreciate it and stop bein sooo prudish…

  21. Carol at | | Reply

    @annie, that is a layered look where the camisole is shown. There is nothing wrong with the look. She did look good – nice makeup and hair style.

    I do get the impression that she is shy and uncomfortable when people talk about her looks.

  22. suchi at | | Reply

    thought she looked stunning. about the accent totally agree that most people change the intonations and the way they speak so that they are understood better. I use “chinese grammar” while speaking to chinese people subconciously:)

  23. suchi at | | Reply

    forgot to add, hair and makeup looked flawless

  24. kim604 at | | Reply

    I don’t understand why people have to always scrutinize this BEAUTIFUL woman! One thing everyone often forgets is that she’s representing INDIA and INDIANS…and doing a damn good job at it! She looks absolutely stunning here and does a fabulous job talking to Martha (who stereotypes “bollywood” and India like there’s no tomorrow). This woman is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also carries herself with such elegance and grace. And regarding her tunic/cami and anything else that’s been mentioned…her outfit looks fabulous…SHE looks fabulous!

  25. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …I wonder why Ash always gets this sort of reaction, there are celebs FAR FAR more unpleasant than she is (Kajol, Kareena, even Sonam *don’t shoot me* tends to put her foot in her mouth- and sounds like a 16-year old most of the time) but she gets the most bashing
    I’m an extremely intuitive person, and while I can see that she seems to be plastic at times, I just cannot bring myself to not like her. It’s not because she’s beautiful (but BOY IS SHE in this interview- love her outfit), it’s just a gut feeling. Just like I can’t being myself to like Rani, I guess.
    If you’ve seen her from the beggining, she used to be extremely shy and innocent. She’s had to deal with a lot of crap since then, and I think she’s developed a sort of defensive shell. But I agree, she’s not that comfortable in these situations.
    p.s. I covet her skin *goes to drink hot water with lemon*- her “beauty secret”

  26. FPDP at | | Reply

    I think it’s not her fault it’s our fault…we criticize her soooo much that when she is on these shows she is wayyyyy too conscious of herself or she comes across as uncomfortable, fake etc. Or it could be that she is a person who is image conscious coz she is Aishwarya Rai and she doesn’t want to mess up which in turn actually hurts her. I don’t know what it is but she has a very haughty public personality. I never liked her right from her Ms India days- so it’s not like I am jealous of her success or anything.

  27. Nick at | | Reply

    I haven’t seen the video and just by going by the pic i think she looks great. She might have made her fashion choices boring and probably repetitive in the past but this looks gr8 to me. I don’t think many ppl in the US make much of cami or black bra straps showing underneath outfits in public. There is an entire Sex & the city in which stars showed of bra straps (even when they were dressed properly). And oh .. i also think she looked fantastic at the Pink ‘red’ carpet :)

    On a different note though.. I thought that people who came here were interested in commenting about only the fashion of choices made by ppl who are featured on this site.

  28. Ritu at | | Reply

    I usually don’t like her but she looked VERY good in this show. Simplicity is what suits her best. Her eye makeup was terrific too.

    Well, what can I say, she’s a little affected and pretentious as always, but at least she shows clear pride in her country!

  29. Hema at | | Reply

    She looks lovely , people are too hard on her ..

  30. DilliBilli at | | Reply

    She touches her hair too much, which is a dead give away how self conscious she is. And she needs to work at not being formal and casual at the same time, in the conversation

  31. Missy at | | Reply

    There goes that Nik person again! LOL

  32. koel at | | Reply


    I am one of those people who think that Aish looks fake on US media. I think it is not just her accent , she gets a little hyper, starts fighting with the host , and looks totally unnatural. She is more like Sarah Jessica Parker when she comes on US media. SJP tries to acquire a fake sassy persona when she comes to talk shows which looks very unnatural.

    Having said that she did look better here.

  33. koel at | | Reply

    Forgot to add

    Frida on the other hand looks so confident and sexy and also so natural

  34. Nepali at | | Reply

    Feel the same way Prat, agree with Nik and K. I think she gets embarrassed when people constantly say or introduce her as the most beautiful woman in the world. Maybe she also feels people are obliged to say that to her. It seems like she is more relaxed around her countrymen, but when she is around international media, she feels the pressure to be more approachable and friendly because at the back of her head, she is representing India. In the course of the event she might have gotten overtly friendly hence looked fake.
    She doesn’t seem to be aware of the camisole, maybe she thought that’s how it’s worn. She is not the most fashionable person and her stylists should have been more aware. They must have given the tick before she headed off.

  35. zee at | | Reply

    Ash did very well here. I wish her well. There is no reason to compare Ash to Frieda. They are completely different personalities, at different career points and different age brackets. Also, I feel Ash takes the onus of carrying the image of India as perfectly as she can, as she has represented Indian in many contests and shows, and hence seem to argue against the stereotypes about India with some talk show hosts. I would like to thank her for all her effort.
    Also, I think she is naturally an introvert and tries very hard to get over her ‘ice-queen’ tag that haters had given her. I think we should just let her be. Also, it is Indian tradition to be humble and hence that (“common, don’t say that”) look when Martha introduces her as the most beautiful woman.

  36. Ritu at | | Reply

    I think it is but natural to comment on Frieda and Ash as they are both doing media interviews in the US. I am not an Ash hater by any stretch of imagination and she looks good. I like this casual look on her but she giggles in a silly fashion and is just not as confident as Frieda even though I would have expected it to be the other way round. This woman has been in the media eye forever but I guess she just is not good at doing media. Completely off the topic, how good was Dev Patel on The Daily Show.

  37. Missy at | | Reply

    “Indian tradition to be humble…” that’s tacky. aww! 0___0

  38. priya at | | Reply

    ash did great…looked nice, spoke well. wats the big deal with the peeking cami? it’s really not a big deal here. i wear it to campus pretty often and the layered look is popular here.

    anyway, totally agree that we all change our accents a bit depending on who we r talking to. those who disagree can google “COMMUNICATION ACCOMMODATION THEORY” and b enlightened.

    ash did well overall, but dunno y she was SO nervous at the beginning!

  39. preeths at | | Reply

    @ chuck bass is hot:
    Hey we know u are an ash lover! but there are plenty of people who cant stand her!! no real point typing in caps just to prove your point! i dunno about HHC but posting in caps is banned in a lot of forums as it gives the image of yelling!!!

    to all the ash lovers and haters:
    opinions are like a**ho***.. Everyone has one and yes yours stinks too

    That said, she looks beautiful. love her eye makeup!!

  40. gwen77 at | | Reply

    lol some of these comments are making me laugh!back to the point: her dress sense has never been good in the past, but she has come such a long way, and it showed from this year’s cannes that shes making more of an effort when selecting clothes to wear. Anyway, her skin and face and body all look fabulously hot. Damn she can walk in wearing a potato bag and some flip flops and she would still look drop dead gorgeous. I’m not an ash’lover…i’m just an appreciator of beauty, and when i see it i point it out :)

  41. shonali at | | Reply

    ash did her best and i think she looked good. she’s naturally shy and she has to make an effort to bring her out of herself. i think the giggling comes from nerves. i’m fine with her accent. everyone changes their accent depending on who they are speaking to. my accent changes slightly depending if i’m in central london or in north west london where people are more posh. and that’s only a few miles.

  42. SS at | | Reply

    Vis-a-vis the comparison with Freida, have you considered that both girls have completely different personalities? That Freida revels in the attention (and does it well) and Ash sees it as more of a side effect of the kind of work she does and therefore tries to be well behaved and charming rather than a complete media natural? And why put the blame on the desi? Have you noticed how patronising American TV show hosts can get while talking about things like adults living with their parents? The impression I get from the phirangs here is that they find her slightly formal quality very old-world movie star-esque, elegant and refreshing. As to the cami, I agree with the people who’ve said that with the layered look, it is quite common for the straps to show.
    I think just based on the responses she gets on HHC, Ash would make a fascinating psychosocial study she inspires such amazingly polarized and numerous responses!

  43. preeths at | | Reply


    i just saw the video and comparing it with letteman couple of years ago, boy oh boy.. what a major improvement!!! She did just fine on martha stewart! way to go ash!!!!

    and what did martha mean when she asked her “did you go to school in India?” was the emphasis on India or the fact that ash is educated! i found it patronising! almost like its difficult for martha to digest the fact that this woman from India is educated! Grrrr

  44. preeths at | | Reply

    btw.. i have met ash when i was a kid. she is my friends cousin. we were 9 yrs old and met her in a south indian wedding and all of us said in unison “you are so beautiful”. i think she was around 20.. she just laughed and ruffled our hair… shweet!!!!!

  45. koel at | | Reply

    Hey @Preeths,

    These are warm up questions that the hosts have to ask to introduce new people to the public. The hosts are given a brief history about each guest so, these questions are more for the public.
    Also many people attend colleges (which are called school in US) at different countries and that is why she might have asked that.

  46. Adit at | | Reply

    thats funny, since both Ash and Frieda are Mangloreans, and are doing very well, other famous Manglorean beauty Sheetal Mallar and of course Deepika Pudukone, see anything in common, all versatile, all Indian, and ALL beautiful confident women. I am proud of Ash, known her a long time and as the classic line from Virginia Slims says “You’ve come a long way Baby” ..Martha Stewart is known to be a Hitler on the sets, so even for a minute do not think that Ash did not do her homework and decided to keep the right amount of reserve and respect in place while dealing with her…good for her, since its obvious that Ms. Stewart now wants to make a foray into the Indian markets, its all about the money honey..
    Please dont compare our girls they are all good and make us proud

  47. krk at | | Reply

    Can’t believe Ash is being reffered to as the ‘poor little pretty girl” ! If she is that uncomfortable being reffered to as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world” she can demand not to be introduced that way – she is the guest on that show afterall !!

  48. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    Wow, the comments here made a very fun and interesting read. LOL.

  49. anita at | | Reply

    ithink she looks great here.. see? I do like her when she’s dressed even semi-tastefully

  50. olala at | | Reply

    In her defense:
    Her accent would be weird if she retained it in India. Like, Salman Khan has a weird accent. When in the US, you subconsciously use a slight accent to make yourself understood better. And she is just doing the same.

    Has anyone seen her talking to Telugu or Tamil press? Her accent is SOO south-Indian there!

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