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  1. vdm at | | Reply

    first one…

  2. ariel001 at | | Reply

    Shes cute! Love the 3rd ensemble.

  3. nijoo at | | Reply

    yep..getting there…hair needs attention.

  4. clotheswhore at | | Reply

    her polka dotted blue skirt n striped tee combo really works well….it is so now!

  5. rB at | | Reply

    all the looks are pretty good..
    they all look like pieces people like us can also wear..

  6. Ann at | | Reply

    These are nice simple looks. Absolulety fine for a starter. Most of the looks could be recreated with F21, especially the accessories.

  7. DM at | | Reply

    She’s got such an Indian face….

  8. mansi at | | Reply

    Lovlier with each look.!
    love the second picture…
    probably coz i have the same top. :P

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