Doing The Rounds- Part Deux!


Of Padma Lakshmi’s recent appearances, hands-down our favorite was her look from the Gem Awards. The Gucci gown paired with the Chanel necklace looked great on the red carpet and stood out for all the right reasons! Love.

Padma Lakshmi
Left, Centre: At Naeem Khan Show, NYFW
Right: At Costello Tagliapiertra Show, NYFW

Padma Lakshmi
Left: At 10th Annual GEM Awards 2012
Right: At amfAR New York Gala 2012

Photo Credit: Day Life


  1. That is the most beautiful birkin I have seen. Styled very well too. Just when I was getting used to seeing pics of celebs carrying them with chappals and salwar kameezs.


  2. She seems very bobbleheadish in the pic with the Birkin, not sure if it’s the way she’s standing or her outfit but I think she should wear less voluminous clothing in her top half to lessen the bobblehead effect. I also really don’t like her makeup it seems very colorless and is making her look gaunt. This being said, I think she has as an amazing looking body but I hope she is being healthy.




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