Rounding Up The Men- Part Deux!


These men went the traditional route at the wedding, some to a greater success than others. Who were your favorites?

L To R: Aashish Chaudhary, Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan And Ajay Devgan At Genelia And Ritesh’s Wedding

L To R: Shahid Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Jacky Bhagnani And Karan Johar At Genelia And Ritesh’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Ajay look the best here, Akshay K could be second if he button up his kurta. The rest, urggggggggghhh are just eye sores,b/c of hedious embroidery,color or fabric, and have made the men dressed up in jeans (at the same event) look better.

  2. Akshay Kumar is the best dressed. Followed by Ajay Devgan and Karan Johar. Shahid is the worst- Dude, movie star good looks do not excuse that shabby attire to a wedding.

  3. Wow Wee! Jacky Bhagnani should have his own WTHeyyy feature! I cannot stand western shoes with men’s ethnic wear! KJo those shoes are all kinds of wrong! Aashish looked good until the shoes! Men’s peep toes? Complete with kitten heel?! lol AKSHAY stole the show! Faultless!

  4. Nice to see the men dressed in desi attire..actually the man who really stood out for me is not feature here..It was Leander Paes in a white kurta pajayma and who looked really drool worthy. However, from the ones that are here, I’d have to say that Akshay, Ajay and Karan look good for me. Ajay is doing a real good job with the ‘neta’ look and Karan stands out with the gorgeous green kurta.

  5. i knw i’m gonna get flack for this but can’t get over shahid..he looks ummm.. super…phew..he is so hot..even thou i agree he is not the best dressed..:)

  6. Gotta agree with most above – Akshay is just perfect. He is normally not one I am drawn to at all, but this time he has left the other dudes in the dust!

  7. And what is up with Shahid (Chest-wax day?), Sajid (channeling a qawali singer??)and Jacky (blinding)??! The horror of what they’re wearing!

  8. Sajid Khan reminds me of someone.. can’t remember who. Not a good look. We know Ajay Devgan is available if politics is ever short of a bollywood candidate :D Aashish and Karan would have looked best of the lot if they had changed shoes, and the beard and glasses. Compared to the rest Akshay and Abhishek looked good but also a bit boring.

  9. Shahid takes the cup – he stands out with that Punjabi outfit in the sea of Sherwanis.
    Among the ones who wore Sherwani, Akshay is da best

  10. akshay kumar ….. how effortless! …… and event appropriate …….

    shahid looks like he is performing at an awards function rather than attending a wedding ….. i’m waiting him to break out into “saj dhaj ke, tashan mein rehna” – his only dance number this award season

  11. I was about to say Aashish Chaudhary looked good. And then I scrolled down and saw the sandals! OMG!LMAO!
    If you are a man and don’t quite really know what to wear, just wear a suit. When in doubt PUT A SUIT ON!

    • I agree-ethnic wear is harder to pull off among men. THe only thing that works is similar to what Akshay’s worn right down to the shoes.

  12. I think Akki is looking good…I like what Ajay is wearing and how he’s wearing it..except don’t understand why he’s giving a sort of goonda vibe to me. Maybe it’s the severe facial hair and those particular aviators.

    • Agree with this line up. Love indian men sporting indian wear anytime. Even Saif and leander looked so good in their respective kurtas.

  13. Ashish would have been a clear winner for me but the footwear totally threw me off guard. Akshay and Ajay looking very cool and crisp. I am mighty surprised to Ajay all dressed up, he is pretty casual in general.

    • I remember seeing Shahid in some other photos from the wedding…man, he’s seemed so short in height! He looked quite funny in those photos!
      Akshay looks great and so do Abhishek, Karan and Ajay (in a weird way). But Akshay is the only one whose choice of shoes I liked! Well done, Twinkle, I’d say! :D

  14. Ajay : Droolworthy
    Akshay : Niceeee!
    Shahid : Frumpy hot
    Aashish : good
    Karan and Abhishek : ok
    but Sajid and Jackie should not worry with their hologram kurtas as worst dressed poll ended when Jeetuji entered with his sneakers


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