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At their Mumbai reception which is underway as we post this, Virat was seen doing a classic black and white bandhgala by Raghavendra Rathore and Anushka opting for a gold toned Sabyasachi lehenga paired with a diamond and pearl necklace and a soft wavy do.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. thanks for changing the hairstyle. And that necklace is not the right choice for this outfit. though outfit is beautiful.
    Both look lovely but this is underwhelming.

  2. Why am I disappointed ?It’s a nice outfit but for others wedding/reception. This occasion demanded more, or at least that’s what they made us believe with their wedding outfits. What happened to the wedding crew? Were they just limited to the wedding? Why didn’t she hire them for the two receptions as well. So many questions unanswered. I was so hoping Virat would suit up. Tcchh tcchh :(

  3. I was expecting the most zing during this reception.but unfortunately this was most dissapointing !!

    Virat’s piece does not even look well tailored. The look in itself is nothing to talk about.Least of it is expected to be virat’s mumbai reception outfit.

    Anushka one other hand dissapointed even more.The jewellery felt totally disconnected with the lehanga.The lack of bright lip color made it dull.Overall DISAPPOINTING !

  4. They look lovely. We’ve gotten used to seeing celebrities in OTT clothes and accessories so I quite get why the look feels lovely but a bit underwhelming.

  5. They both looks great. But not a fan of this Sabya outfit – it looks way too ornate, yet dull at the same time. But Anushka manages to look lovely, thanks to the simple make up.

  6. Why oh why did she wear this necklace?? It looks so out of place with the rich gold toned lehenga. Some antique kundan jewellery would have looked so good. I really like her hair and makeup. Unfortunately she’s definitely gonna be upstaged by a lot of her guests.

  7. Anushka’s lehenga is pretty but the color is too blah, wish it were in a soft mint or a cream color. She also needs some pretty chandelier earrings as the necklace isn’t that grand and Virat in a tux would’ve been nice to see! Oh well.

  8. I would have to say she looks the classiest compared to all those crazy outfits out there! Anushkas was the only outfit where glamour was done right. Jewellery, hair, makeup evrything that spells class and so chic!

    But what the hell are those trashy Lebanese belly dancer meets Bangkok dancer outfits with the crystal tassels out there?! What is wrong with those girls?!

  9. Anushka look is underwhelming . The lehngha itself has a real ‘been there done that ‘ look to it and the jewellery is disconnected. The dupatta in the belt look wasn’t a good trend in the 80s and nor is it now. The make up and hair is nice but the outfit isnt yesteryear.. it’s just boring.

    Virat fares worse . White pants with a blue coat on a groom ? Really?

  10. Kudos to Payal and Priyanka for never critiquing the bride and groom’s outfit. A bride is never underwhelming or overwhelming :) She is the bride and she decides the rules on her day .

  11. Anushka’s lehenga is gorgeous but yes overall it’s underwhelming. I think the necklace is wrong though. I think a neck piece with emeralds, rubies, polki, gold would have elevated this look I probably would have worn fat gold bangles right up to my elbows. Virat looks good.

  12. I am not liking the color on Anushka, it is just so dull , I wish she could have picked different color. This color is just making Anushka so dull.

  13. I love how all of Anushka’s looks for the wedding events were understated and elegant. It’s a very refreshing change to the usual bridal outfits.

      • The guests are not aptly dressed! They are dressed to over power the bride in whatever way they can!
        Forget the etiquette part of letting the bride be the center of attention…. in the quest to over kill the bride the rest off the brigade just ended up looking so trashy and absolutely all of them lacks class.

  14. She looks AMAZING! I can’t imagine why people are underwhelmed. She is wearing a fully embellished outfit for her reception. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Her choice of studs vs heavy earrings is also so relatable.

    I don’t understand when and why weddings became events to dress like Jodhabai or any other Bhansali movie or Ekta Kapoor serial character. She looks classy, comfortable and exude one’s individual sense of style, which is what a bride should be, vs live up to nouveau-riche standards of bridal looks. A YAY from me :)



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