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In most of her appearances, Vidya’s hair lets her down even though the outfit may be good. No such failure here. At the BMW launch, she sported an updo that worked great with the neckline of her red Mandira Wirk gown. What I love more is that there is neither red lips nor black bangles to border on a Match-wee-too-Much.

Well done, Ms. Malwade.


Left: Mandira Wirk
Right:Vidya Malwade at BMW Car launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Indiatimes

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  1. seriously disagree – the phrase ‘helmet head’ comes to mind. that hairstyle does nothing for her face, or the outfit, nor is it creative or statement-making. even a more pageant-filmy-type hairstyle would have looked better than this!

  2. I think mandira is looking better,Red is looking great on her complexion..i amnt sure if that pic is photoshopped and updo isnt looking good on vidya

  3. as much as i am always campaigning for updos and change in hairstyles, i do not like this look. it ages her.
    love the red of the gown.

  4. like her outfit (minus the chains) and the minimal accessory look, but the hair– not so much. She has frizzy/wavy hair, my suggestion would be to try the brazilian blow dry. Perfect for Bombay weather.

  5. Agree with the people above. I don’t like the gown, but Mandira looks way better in her casual do. Vidya’s hair and all the accessories ruin the look.

  6. C’mon guys…given the way her hair always looks..this definitely looks like an upgrade.Neat and clean I would say.Don’t care much for the gown…..atleasy it could’ve been a little longer.

  7. agree with ‘kiwi’, mandira looksy way better. an updo doesn’t automatically make one look good or sophisticated.

  8. Seriously? I secretly wonder if there’s someone else writing these blog posts…her hair is horrendous! Worse than a pageant queen wanna be!

  9. Vidya has a very ‘gharelu’ look. Am not sure if she can carry off gowns/dresses. IMO she would do better in saris.
    And the hair is horrendous!

  10. she needs to do something against her frizzy hair. her hair makes her look like an old lady! i like mandira in that dress, she’s beautiful.


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