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Vidya continued promotions for SKSE visiting the Radio Mirchi sets today. We don’t know if it was a conscious decision to wear the musical print Pankaj and Nidhi tunic but it sure was cute.

She looked nice but am beginning to notice a pattern here. First the shirt maxi, then the shirt style dress and here we have another shirt tunic.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The tunic is really cute but I am not liking how Vidya styled it. The way that belt breaks up the tunic…and kind of bunches it up…I am liking it…Does the tunic come with the belt or is it Vidya’s own addition?

  2. What is it about Vidya that makes her look so clueless about fashion…like she doesn’t belong to anything she wears except the sarees. Its always awkward and manufactured.

  3. Would love to see how this looked on the runway. This is not flattering, did not like the tights or the shoes. Neck up she looks fresh-faced and pretty!

  4. I’m not one to comment and believe everyone has the freedom of their choices. But this just sad. A black belt over a busy orange tunic to cinch a waist that does not need it. Vidya is a gorgeous girl and would love to see her in easy flowing clothes she’s comfortable in. Please stop trying. You don’t need it. Everyone doesn’t need to have a certain sized waist or any other part but dressing according to your body type IS key. Otherwise it is ughhh. Sorry for the rant. Just couldn’t take it! :p

  5. This is awkward and blowsy and makes her look top-heavy which she is already. I can’t say I like her in anything except saris. Not that she couldn’t carry off other looks – she could, but she’s just styled badly.


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