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So many of you wrote to us about posting this disastrous outfit that Vidya was caught wearing!

What we would like to point out is that the outfit was worn for a filming of a song for the movie “Kismat Konnection”. It is a known rule that film costumes have to be gawdy and weird because on the big screen they pop more.

So, the final verdict should be made when we see her on screen! And then perhaps we can put the blame on the film’s costume designer Shabina Khan for making her wear these and pick on Vidya for not saying no to these outfits! (Well, maybe she was scared… After all, Aki Narula already walked out of the movie because of differences with her.. maybe she didn’t want to cause too much trouble again!)

P.S. If you thought Vidya was bad, take a looksee at Shahid!

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  1. THe problem with the media is that they never check their facts twice before blaming someone..atleast you showed some sense.
    Well actually the concept of the song is such that nothing is supposed to make sense,-a Punjabi number in a South Indian background set etc etc-and there also occurs a deconstruction of the media created images of Shahid and Vidya in this song through some tongue in cheek shots at the mindnumbingly moronic morons(the mediamen).so thats that

  2. Ann…oh this song sounds interesting! can’t wait to see it on screen then!

    but is it just me, or does Shahid look very girly?? but it’s ok, it’s usually the girly looking guys that end up being the hunks when they age…eg. Saif! hehehe

  3. NATURALLY! she would disagree with Aki -____-
    he was the only person who could have redeemed her at this point

  4. both look OTT!! Check out the blue shoes on SK.. hilarious!!! I sometimes think that VB is pretty but cannot do enough justice to dresses coz of her body type..those tights!! urgh!

  5. Vidya, by now, should know better than wear those hideous things, on screen or off. Even futuristic and unrealistic costumes can be tailored to flatter one’s body. On screen your dress may stand out, but so will your figure. Shahid may look good in the song on screen- esp with his dancing he can pull off anything. Vidya, sadly, can’t dance either. She should stick to roles that suit her, like Parineeta and Lage Raho, when she made a mark with her acting. She just doesn’t have a face or body to wear tight western wear. Even in the trailers, she looks like Shahid’s older sister!!

  6. Vidya Bee, no matter what you will always be a broad-hipped type! Play up your advantages(YOUR FACE!) and grab one of those caftans Dia should not be wearing!As for Shahid, this post comes when I was just thinking Shekhar Suman was the lowest you could go….

  7. these are costumes for a film so we shouldn’t judge them as fashion. i feel bad for being catty but i can’t help myself – my god vidya is so broad all over. i don’t think it’s a weight thing. she’s naturally that way. she needs to tone up to lessen its effects

  8. Shahid takes the cake, his pose and expression is as though he is wearing an armani or smthing. But the dress designer is to blame , I doubt if it will even look good on screen . It reminds me of the song ‘nach baliye’ from bunty n bubbly which btw had some seriously bad outfits. Vidya’s body is a little like rani so she needs to extra critical of outfits that her designers throw at her and she is a big enough star to be able to do that.

  9. okay is it me or does shahid wear tons of makeup? it always shows on his face and i also think the only actor who pulled of straight hair was and is john abraham…on shahid this flat iron hair loooks bad!!! please
    and vidya i’m thinking naturally she has a normal body which is like most south asian women, so what should she do

  10. Caftans, loose skirts, salwars, sarees, chudidhars, play up the blouses a la parineeta, and such if she wants to wear jeans, then the orange top with the smock in the previous post could be worn off shoulder… she has a beautiful face, and attention should be drawn to that. the bod, you cannot help it, so attention should be drawn away from that….

  11. i saw shahid once at an airport, he was one ahead in the security queue so i had a good look, believe me hes so tiny, hes really thin and small looking, the pictures add weight to any person, so im guessing vidya is not really that fat in person !

  12. Oh my …. those are the most hideous clothes ever, reminds me of Mithun’s disco dancer days!! What was Shabina Khan thinking ??
    I will need a year to get over this. Shahid … blue glittery shoes hello…I thought he was finicky about his costumes.
    Poor Vidya, another na-real award coming through…she has a pretty face but those clothes….only Lily Allen can carry those clothes!!
    I am deeply shattered esp knowing that it’s part of an Aziz Mirza movie, just doesn’t fit even if it is only a promotional song. I really really hope that this looks OK on the big screen as I am eagerly waiting for this movie. I hope month and half would be enough for me to get over those costumes.

  13. oh and those shoes are not meant for Vidya. You have to have a leaner look to carry those shoes, it definitely adds extra pounds on her. Vidya needs a new designer if she really wants to carry on trying the so called western outfits?? She needs a serious makeover like Karishma Kapoor did many years ago.
    And Vidya needs a new makeup artist too, looks like she just dipped her face in a bucket full of of foundation, makes her look older than her age.

  14. Oh man! Are those shoes on Shahid for real? Were they that scared of the designer! Sheesh!

    Vidya needs to lose some serious weight.


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