Sari Style

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Tie and dye spottings isn’t just limited to tracksuits this season. Ms. Balan was spotted wearing tie-dye saris recently, one from Vedika M and one from Medium.

Have a favorite? I liked them both!

Vidya Balan in
Vedika M (left) and Medium (right)

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. For such an amazing actress who has been in showbiz for a while, she sure looks uncomfortable in photo shoots. The dark blue saree look is much better.

  2. The sarees and the way they are worn are beautiful and elegant. I love the simple Indianess that Vidya always comes up with in her dressing, whatever wild fashions are raging outside. She is the quintessential Indian beauty and we cannot fault her for her recent sartorial choices. Both sarees are very different but both suit her immensely.


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