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Vidya’s promotions for Jalsa saw her in saris, a few jacketed combos and wrap dresses. In each of them, some looks were more successful than the others. Loved her in the striped Medium. In the blazer looks, it was good to see her in the pantsuit but wish the tailoring was better. As for the wrap dresses much preferred her in the olive green one.

What did you think of her outings? Catch some of them inside.

Vidya Balan
Left: in Medium
Right: In Turn Black

Vidya Balan
Center: in Poppi and Zara
Right: In Protteaa

Vidya Balan in Bennu Sehgall (left)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gosh, the Medium saree is smashing! Very contemporary. The colour and styling look great on Vidya.
    One of the most beautiful faces in Indian cinema, I think.

  2. The second and the third pics are lovely, not the striped one..she’s got broad shoulders and the striped blouse doesn’t suit her

  3. It’s a fantastic film. The women are terrific.

    Absolutely adore Vidya for her efforts to keep changing her style game. She has definitely gotten better.

  4. My objectivity is shot with Vidya. She looks lovely in every one of them. So cool that she’s found her style from wearing sarees and elbow length blouses all the time just a couple of years ago.

  5. Big love. Great silhouettes for Vidya, the jacket with the sarees is a nice, streamlining touch. Wrap dresses are made for her, of course, but am liking the lengthening skirt and pant suits too.
    I’m demurring a bit at all the broad stripes in the Medium saree though — stripes that broad at the bottom and top don’t look good on ANYBODY, not unless they are seven feet tall. The blouse isn’t the best choice either.

  6. It is the first time that I am sad that a promo is coming to an end. Vidya and Shefali has served up some delicious visual feasts to cleanse our palates throughout this tour.

    I’m at a total loss here. I love all the looks, each one better than the other. Hard to pick a favorite.

    Dear Vidya,
    I am so glad you found the who_wore_what_when team as your stylists. The best sartorial decision you have made in your entire career. They identified your strong suits and made them shine like diamonds. Stick to the team, pretty please! – A Hardcore Fan!


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