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For promotions of Tumhari Sulu on Friday, Vidya sported a printed Siddhartha Bansal sari wearing it with silver jhumkis and a Sangeeta Boochra cuff. She sure wore the sari well but given its busy print, wearing her hair down up front made the look feel busy.

A messy braid would’ve worker better.

Vidya Balan at Tumhari Sulu Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ….. And also….Tie your hair in a high ponytail/ bun, add some funky earrings..shift to a pink blouse with at least a square/ v neckline if not shorter sleeves….pin up the pallu ( can be done without the skin/boob show)…pink undertones of makeup….brighten up your eyes …wear a sleek watch..
    No designer saree can rescue shabby styling and uncomfortable stance.

    Sigh! Vidya you are too look drab…

    • Rationale, everything that you mentioned can be easily done and arent big deviations from her personal style/comfort zone. I like her saree looks and all… but I am now overdosed and bored.

      • Totally agree….. but she won’t change to something else in near future and I really was feeling desperate at the way she dresses…:p:p

  2. She looks so unkempt every single day ; every event that I that don’t see why she is featured on fashion pages. She clearly has no interest in fashion so i am not sure why she is featured . Every look is a mess. I can’t remember the last time I saw her and thought- that’s nice .
    Nowadays fashion and style are accessible to all ages and all body types. It’s no longer an arena just for the young and slim. Yet here is someone with lovely thick long hair , good skin , a curvy figure, a pretty face and yet isnt even trying .

  3. If someone is uncomfortable ALL THE TIME about how they look, what in the world stops them from improving themselves?!
    i respect that there is no such thing as a perfect body (outside photoshopped magazine covers) – but really, this constant sucking in of breath, calculated awkward pose, signature clothes to conceal flab and general demeanor of being utterly under-confident is now beginning to strain my razor thin sympathy

  4. Vidya Balan’s looks are a damning indictment of stylists and designers. They have no idea how to style plus-size women, they always put Balan in the same, questionable sarees with the same blouse and hair.


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