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Vaani attended two dinners along with her cast and crew fellows wearing dresses to both. Ms. Kapoor likes to keep it simple when out and about, something that I quite like. Having said that though, can’t say I liked these two dresses particularly. In this case, the dresses needed more accessories to make the outfit pop.

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Vaani Kapoor

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  1. She does have a simple and classy dressing sensibility. But tends to overdo her make up and I don’t understand why? The dresses are nice, the white with those black ankle straps would’ve looked amazing minus the cleavage contouring Of course! 🙁

  2. Stunning physique in the casual white, needs a bit more oomph, statement strappy heels perhaps – though I wouldnt wanna be the center of attention at a friendly dinner.

    Pageant winner good looks tho. You are a blessed country.

  3. Here’s a tall, gorgeous lady with beautiful skin and hair, always smiling, great figure and a pair of stunning legs…. How much more pop do you need?

  4. The look in white is pretty. If this wasn’t a PR event or in character look, not sure what pop you are looking for. She looks great for a casual outing. Simple and stylish.


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