Twinkle on Elle:(Un)Covered

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Giving us a respite from the usual, Elle features Twinkle on theirs for the July edition. We’d like to see a lot more of her in real as well, but for now, will take a print sighting.


Left: Kenzo, Spring 2015
Right: Twinkle Khanna on Elle India July 2015

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  1. She wrote a column a while back talking about how nervous a then-upcoming photoshoot (probably this one) made her feel, grumbling about “this judgmental machine, the camera” and although she certainly looks good here, I think that lack of enthusiasm also comes through. If you want to see her looking very chic and yet spontaneous in private life, um, she does have an instagram account you know….

  2. She’s a chic lady, but I don’t think that’s enough to qualify her for the cover of a fashion magazine. At the end of the day, she’s a star-wife/ socialite. Yeah, I know that was enough to put Gauri Khan etc on Vogue, but I didn’t think they belonged there either. I really think Indian fashion magazines need to think long and hard about their editorial direction.

  3. Daily samsara

    Based on your criteria 90% of Bollywood and Bollywood spouses arent eligible, their only claim to fame being “Married to a player” “Married to an actor””mother” “wife”
    NOT ONE is a philanthropist… Too self absorbed already for their zero achievements, and then these magazines feature them on the cover.
    True 99.9%% of them are “Interior Designers” or “Jewelry Designers” or “Clothing brand owners”. The ones that are truly talented and skilled and have a body of relevant REAL work like Vidya Balan are insulted and ridiculed every time she appears in a saree. Strange!!!

  4. Twinkle looks lovely. She oozes an aura of elegance most times. That said, I’m not a fan of the jacket, which only looks good against the pink background. It’s too voluminous on Twinkle.


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