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Wearing what seemed like an Asos dress with her Valentino belt, Twinkle attended an event on Friday evening in Mumbai. An Alexander McQueen clutch and Jimmy Choo sandals finished out her look. She looked great!

Looks like Ms. Khanna sure likes her Valentino belts. See her with the brown version here.

Twinkle Khanna

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. so tacky like its taken from a superhero costume. Cant believe it’s valentino. Can believe it’s on twinkle khanna, who has always been about lot of money, no fashion sense.

  2. She looks good but the belt is an eyesore, especially with that big “V”!! No idea why she is in love to wear different colors of it!

  3. isn’t she the one who wrote a whole column poking fun at LV bags (asking if the logo stood for lucky verma or some such)? hypocrisy much? or has she just changed her name to (t)Vinkle?

  4. I have never been able to understand in your face branded accessories and/or dresses. As much as I want to talk about the dress, all I can see and remember is that tacky belt. I can’t stop associating with ones I have seen on Hill Road (and likes) and always wondered who buys and wears these. Now I know.

  5. No wonder everyone wants to appear “rich”. Wealthy Bollywood people have no common sense. They have all the money in the world, yet every public appearance of theirs is showcasy and desperate.

    She probably has more than enough occasions WITHIN HER filthy rich circle to flaunt the brand names. Plus, I thought she was a “hugely” successful, “intellectual” “high brow” “scholar” 😛 India’s very own and only Nobel and Pulitzer winning Toni Morrison
    Cannot believe she wants to display her wealth so ostentatiously…


    • The rich Bollywood class has poor taste of living, but the rich business class has an understated philanthropic lifestyle despite their luxurious living.
      I wish stars would utilise their money on society given their fame and immense reach, as against buy belts and accessories worth lacs. Would love to see them in handlooms, Indians crafts, with so much access to cultures, diversities in India and world.. more than Italian brands who’re beyond billionaires by now. After all it was just great marketing over the years.. in reality they’re (brand products) not worth half the price sold at. Can we have a indian star make a fashion difference..

      • +100
        Yes, truly! they have a fantastic platform AND the ways and means to promote sustainable fabrics.

        There is a Trevor Noah show on fashion and about how speedily H&M, Zara and Fashion Nova knock off these designer duds. He mentioned ALL these high end designer outfits are nothing but petroleum by products. They take 1000s of years to breakdown (they are often bundled off and sent away to Africa where landfills are overflowing so they get burned out in the open)

        These celebrities only act intelligent and environment conscious. Its all about showing off/being photographed in their new/borrowed ugly outfits.

        Fortunately, just like a 20 year old today doesn’t know or care about Madhubala or Vyjayntimala, 10 years from now, there is going to be no name recognition of these Deepikas, Kareenas, Vinkles Ananyas and Taras.
        Not one of them will leave any legacy… just hurt the planet.

        As long as UN, news media, and heads of government will continue to give them empty “leadership” awards these celebrities will continue to believe they are world changing :p

  6. Oh don’t even get me started on the rich and famous of Bollywood and their hypocrisy…the hypocrisy is more glaring for those who actually take a moral high ground and talk about real issues on public forums and then don’t follow that through in real life. Either they are completely removed from reality and living in their own little bubble or would really think of us as stupid and gullible to buy the nonsense they spew. Sonam Kapoor, PC, Vinkle…all in the same boat. Lets just face it…for them its all about money and image and nothing beyond that. That Valentino belt is actually symbolic of all that’s wrong in this world!

  7. Even without that u*ly belt, this is a miss. the odd length of the dress, front slits and cham cham shoes do nothing for Twinkle, my fashion icon for years! where did her mojo go?!


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