The Odd Couple

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Kiran at the special screening of “Valu” wore a white tee under a black and white polka dot dress with yellow culottes and two toned red and pink flats. If all that color wasn’t enough, she added a metallic tote to the mix!

And, need I say anything about Aamir’s colorful shirt! Guess, they do belong together! 😉

Kiran @ “Valu” Screening

Aamir @ IFF


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  1. I love Aamir Khan, and his wife, they dont give a damn what anybody says about them, they dress the way they like, they do not conform to any notions of society’s pressure, and they are intelligent, articulate and come across as very no nonsense. I guess that explains the multicoloured outfit. LET HER BE.

  2. i think they try very hard to be ‘different’. And sometimes that is as bad as going with the crowds. his shirt is a bit of an eyesore – but her outfit – its a joke. and i think that is the entire point. she tries to ensure that we all know she is intelligent and much more than ‘just a bollywood wife’.

    yeah dont ask me how… but that i think is the message we’re supposed to get!

  3. It looks like she is trying for a mixture of quirky and bohemia style. As for Aamir, if he wants to be taken seriously, he shouldn’t wear faded denim at an evening event on stage. The checkered shirt in bright colours should also be avoided, because it’s distracting and painful.

  4. fashion is an extension of one’s personality. being a celebrity, and for that reason alone, aamir should brush up his dressing (like the orange checked shirt he has on in the pic!) if not always, at least at award functions, premieres etc. but as far as aamir’s wife is concerned, i feel she genuinely is the “cotton-kurti, bohemian, hippy-chick” kind. i would be worried if she turned up in a backless armani gown.
    that said, this power duo are exceptional at what they do for cinema.

  5. Yeah. The power duo are forgiven. I don’t think they care so putting them in the same bucket as Kareena, Twinkle and likes is senseless!

  6. N.E.E.D to dress better, doesn’t matter how nice/good/sweet/successful/not successful/busy etc you are.

    Re-do new year resolution to, “I shall not leave the house looking like crap”

  7. Maybe I am biased because I love love love Aamir! But, I don’t think he looks too bad in the pic.

    Is the shirt hideous? Yes! But does he look awful in it? I don’t think so!

  8. I think Kiran’s outfits are truly the Bohemian kind most of the time and honestly good for Aamir that he started wearing such loud shirts. For a fun evening with college crowd, the outfit seems fine to me.

    Sorry MadMomma did not read as much as you did in their outfits. And I definitely dont think Kiran tries to come across as I-am-not-your-average-bollywood-wife. She couldn’t have cared less!

  9. Kiran totally needs a makeover. Even a bohemian style has some style to it…this is like a “bohemian-style-gone-wrong” ensemble.

    Aamir too needs to forsake his jeans. he’s such a good looking man that i’m sure all the designers would love to dress him.

  10. You are right Rashmi, he obviously only dresses like this in India, becos for Lagaan at the Oscars and Cannes, he was impeccable in Abu Sandeep outfits….bandgalas, churidaars etc.

  11. i so love aamir and his work but i can’t see him committing such blunders in public…i wish he turned out looking and dressed up better…n i wish her wife would do the same…plz don’t be different…just look like u care abt d event u hv been invited for…plzzzz


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