The Bindi Goes Mainstream!

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First we saw it on Ashley, then saw Katherine wear it for a role. Last week, spotted Natalie adorn a few too many for her character in Mira Nair’s next, and then last night on “The Bachelor”, one of the ladies “Marshana”, not only adorned the “bindi”, she had also designed the gold lehenga that she wore on the show!

While, it is fun to watch, of course the fashionista part of me hates that some of them had to wear cheap fake jewelry instead of the good old real stuff! Don’t get me started on Katherine’s outfit!

Marshana on “The Bachelor”

Natalie Portman in “Brooklyn, I Love You”

Ashley Judd @ “Aids Gala”

Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses”

You can catch Marshana’s outfit on the episode here.

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  1. its funny that Indian designers have such fantabulous clothes when they dress their own celebrities but go just a wee retarded when they have to dress someone else. how hard is it to find a desi costume suitable for one’s skin, hair and personality.


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