HDIL Couture Week: Tarun Tahiliani

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The first few pictures from Tarun Tahiliani’s show hint that he used the same set as he did for show at Wills Fashion Week. Hopefully the clothes aren’t the same, cuz that would be a major letdown.

Will have to wait and watch for now… Don’t forget to come back for more detailed pics.

tarun_tahiliani_couture_week2.jpg tarun_tahiliani_couture_week11.jpg


Shilpa Shetty for Tarun Tahiliani, HDIL Couture Week


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  1. what is this? The “I’m going to get a better actress with a hotter figure to walk on my show’s ramp” race? Priyanka, Karisma, Sonam, and now Shilpa….

    Anyway, I’m not digging Ms Shetty’s couture… too much going on.

  2. i like shilpa’s hair. that’s about it. the outfit is wayyyy too blingy even for bridal wear and the necklace is totally OTT for an outfit this decorative!


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