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Tara taped for her show wearing two different dresses, one a very recognizable flamingo print Farah Sanjana and the other, a belted Kenneth Cole.

As striking as the Sanjana dress is, the asymmetric hemline just feels really odd to me. The Kenneth Cole, I got no complaints against. She looked great in it.


Far Left: Farah Sanjana Flamingo Print Dress
Left and Center: Tara Sharma Saluja
Far Right: Kenneth Cole Belted Dress

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Some flamingo themed outfits were interesting but across the board all sheath dresses from that collection suffer from tremendous fit issues and a trying too hard vibe. The chandelier collection reiterate the same problem. Take one design (chandelier/ flamingo/ apple/ shoe) and call it “latest season” – where is the perfection of cut, finish, draping ?


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