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Aaargh. It is that gown again! This time on Miss Tanvi Vyas during the evening gown round of Miss Earth 2008.

priyanka-police-sn1.jpg tanvi-vyas-miss-earth-sn.jpg

Left: Priyanka Chopra, Police Diwali Show
Right: Tanvi Vyas, Miss Earth 2008 Evening Round

Thanks ‘Kiran’ for the tip-off!


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  1. The gown is not pageantry at all,maybe it cud hav worked had the hanger been a lil more…er beau…..uhum!!!presentable…………

  2. isnt that the same gown PRIYANKA,DEEPIKA,&PIYA wore. Just look at the sequins on the front, just like the orange gown earlier on your site.

    SHANTANU & NIKHIL seems to be making the ‘mulaah’. lol

    both look gorgeous in it, but not very flattering to say WOW!


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