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Tamannaah attended the Dahi Handi celebrations in Pune on Sunday wearing a Payal Singhal look straight off the LFW runway with gold hoops, metallic sandals and a bold lip.

Am glad she didn’t skip the long vest, it made the look a tad bit more interesting. Don’t know about you but we were getting quite bored of the just crop top looks.


Tamannaah Bhatia at Dahi Handi Celebration in Pune

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  1. Boring!!! The dressing of the Tollywood starlets sucks. They are neither stylish nor traditional. All of them dress the same. I like Trisha, but nowadays she is also following the same route.

    • lol. In Kollywood, Nayanthara and Hansika are relatively good in their off screen appearances. Samantha also is missing now. Only if there is an award ceremony or wedding mostly Kolly or Tolly gets covered. So yeah!

      • Once upon a time before this stylist concept was not there, Bhumika used to dress elegantly off screen both in Indian wear and western wear. And Sneha used to dress nicely in traditional sarees off screen sticking to her image without bikini blouses and one boob show. She even does that now.

        • I think Vidy@ needs to take training under Sneha how to wear traditional sarees neatly, what blouses to wear for which saree and how to do your hair, like that. Sneha is also a curvy woman who doesn’t look like a model and she always wears Kanchivarams and traditional sarees with traditional blouses. The only thing is Sneha is not featured on this blog.

          • zOMG fan-girls alert! Seriously people, everyone knows that movie stars tend to generate a lot of mass-hysteria and adulation along with hate but I feel it is getting out of hand on HHC. One doesn’t have to diss a particular starlet to show love for another. Nor feel the need to defend someone for the same reason.
            Also, another annoyance is the excessive prudishness. “dress nicely in traditional”, ” boob show in bikini blouse”?? Come on, there is enough moral policing as it is! Relax!

          • Completely agree. Sneha looks so good in varied sarees and also different blouses though she only sticks to sarees. Vidya otoh will always ruin even a Sabya with the unkempt hair(now that ugly hair color), the arm crook and silly accessories. lol.


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