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My Feathers Are All Ruffled


Just when I thought ok, so Tanya Abrol must have gotten that frilly, ruffled ‘frock’ out of her system now that she wore it to that Australia India Festival few months ago, I’d never have to see it again! But noooooo!! Guess what she wore to the Star Screen Awards?

Left: At Australia India Film Festival
Right: At Star Screen Awards

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Tanya’s Metallic Disaster..


We are hoping that Tanya Abrol wasn’t trying to mimic Bipasha by wearing this metallic outfit. Either ways, looked bad on Bips, and as you can see, looks worse on Tanya!

Above: Tanya @ Management Institute Event
Below: Bipasha @ Femina’s Special Issue Release

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Chuck De That Stylist!


Image Source: Getty Images

Above, Ms. Sagarika Ghatge and below, Tanya Abrol at a Gala during the Australia Indian Film Festival. Dressed in layers, and frills and frumpy dresses. Neither the shape works nor the color! Reminds me of ‘Barbie-Goes-To-Prom’, and I don’t mean that in a nice way!

Image Source: Getty Images