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See That Snake?

Here’s what has been creeping up the must have accessory list with stealth and style and you spell it as s n a k e! Portia De Rossi wore one around her neck at the Emmys that looked like it was spewing out the fabric of her dress and I thought that was such a fabulous touch! Since we can’t have a couture gown to make that look work, here’s the next best option.. accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


I love this necklace; throw around a low necked or bare shouldered dress and you are ready to smolder! Even better, move past the black dress, and brave a midnight blue or a regal purple and see envy take root wherever you point your finger to!

Buy Via Ross-Simons

Cocktail rings and statement rings are all the rage but here’s a look you won’t see every Jane sporting! Have that snake curl around a finger and make a statement that is bold yet laced with personal style!

Buy Via Ebay

And how fabulos are these black faux onyx snake earrings? Every time you twirl your hair or do a diva toss, you get to tease just a bit with these wavy, beautiful, gliterring earrings…

Buy Via Pugster

And finally, this gorgeous bracelet/bangle! Instead of the usual red stone for the eye, it has a green one, far less creepy that way and far more ‘style-appeal’!! Sure fire way to jazz up any look, any day, for some quick top of the charts style quotient!

Buy Via Urban Outfitters

With accessories like these, instant style revival is but guaranteed. And they say snakes can’t be trusted!! Sheesh!

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Ring it like Adina Reyter

I have been obsessing on this Dior “Oui” ring for a while now. I tried my very best to persuade my friend “Well Heeled” that it was such a cuuutte ring! And, if she had agreed, I probably would have bought it by now! Thankfully, she didn’t like it (saving me $675..yup thats what the ring costs!). What’s better, I found something similar in style.

I liked the “Oui” ring because it was wiry and had the cute little tiny diamond. This Adina Reyter ring is just as similar and even better because it is much simpler and cute to the core!

Because of the diamond, the price is a little on the steep side for this simple design at $143, but there is another version of the ring without the diamond which is only for $63.

Buy via ShopBop

Buy via Adina Reyter

Another really cool piece is this snake coil ring. I love the design because it shows the whole snake form. Something perfect for someone young and flirty!

Buy via Adina Reyter

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