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Basic Boo-Hoo

A plain dress in a neutral color with an embellished neckline is hard to go wrong with, and yet, these two ladies show us just how to…

The asymmetrical hemline and the rather overwhelming (and dare I add tacky) embellished neckline on Shonal’s Pria Kataria Puri dress does her no favors. Let’s not even get into the hair. As for Neetu, she does fare better but only marginally. The silhouette on her isn’t the most flattering either and the hemline sure could use a couple more inches.

More inside.


Neetu Chandra (left) And Shonal Chauhan


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Ditto Times Four!

This dress seems to be quite a favorite! Which color do you dig?

Shonal Chauhan
Dipannita Sharma
Mahima @ Gladrags Mrs India Final
Sophie @ Bombay Times 13th Anniversary

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Spotted Shonal Chauhan at the Haal-E-Dil premiere sporting a very “Falguni & Shane Peacock” kinda top but instead of wowing us, it just made us go WTHeyyy more!

Disclaimer: We don’t know yet if this is a Falguni & Shane Peacock top!

shonalhaaledil.JPG shonalhaaledil1.JPG

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With Or Without?

The vest seems to be a popular choice amongst quite a few. We have seen Ayesha and Mahima wear it the same way as Shonal and Sameera. Amrita and Anupama went the dare bare route.

Which look do you prefer?

Personally, I rather prefer wearing it on its own and if I do wear it with a shirt, keep the vest unbuttoned.

Sameera @ Red Alert Press Meet
Amrita @ Magic Launch
Shonal @ Jannat Promo
Anupama @ Acid Factory Bash

Edit: Added Anupama…

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