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Q&A Wednesday With Pratima Gaurav

And continuing with our Q&A series, here’s another quick tête-à-tête, this time with the designer Pratima Gaurav

1. As a designer, what inspires you? Have a muse?

All things beautiful. I do believe there is no such thing as too much Luxury. Without sounding immodest, I am my own muse. If it doesn’t pass the muster for me, I will never create it!

2. What is the core aesthetic that you aim for in your clothes?


3. With multiple fashion weeks springing up in almost every major city, how effective are they?

Great platform for upcoming designers, but at the moment it’s cluttered – needs to be more unified.


4. How has the high-end luxury brand influx in India changed the local fashion scene?

It’s getting more democratic – choice always raises the bar in quality and aesthetic.

5. How do you feel about more and more celebrities choosing to wear International labels at various award functions and other public events? As a designer do you feel our homespun designers aren’t getting their due?

I think we need a balance. The sari will always be a classic and the Indian woman always looks her best in it! And frankly it’s a safer option for some for our Celebrities because very few of them can carry a Lanvin gown or a cutting edge McQueen on the red carpet. Rekha in a traditional Kanjeevaram or Sonali in an Abu-Sandeep classic can still make the red carpet sizzle. Unfortunately the media doesn’t stop to smell the Indian roses!

6. How important is it for a designer to have his/her creations seen on a celebrity versus conventional advertising mediums?

Celebrities (the right ones!) do attract the right PR. But frankly, nothing thrills me more than the average Indian woman in my creations. That’s my reward for reaching out to the right audience.

7. Five essentials that should take us through the seasons this year?

The perfect White Shirt – Pratap or Anne Fontaine with many many strands of pearls.

The perfect fitting Jeans: J. Brand or Seven for all Mankind

Cutler & Gross aviators

Bottega Veneta Classic Hobo

A Pratima Gaurav Frill sari


8. How would you describe your own sense of style?

I don’t have one. If I did I would lose my spontaneity. My closet has an interesting mix of every mood – for Sexy its Anuj Sharma, for Glamorous its Alexander McQueen, for feminine its Chloe, for Classic its vintage Lanvin or Abu-Sandeep, for just being me its the DVF wraps or Savios simple mals and for a work day its Sevens and a crisp Pratap. For traditional wear it’s a woven Benarasi sari from Indian textiles – one for the heirloom.

For baubles its old jadau jewellery my grandmothers hand-me-downs. And multi multi strands of pearls.

Add some sexy Louboutins, Nancy Gonzalez clutches and a big skin hobo and I’m all set.

9. Thoughts on mainstream actresses replacing models on all major (fashion) magazine covers?

Not fair especially since many have no style! Though contradictorily, the stars look refreshingly fabulous when styled by a Vogue or Harper’s! Hopefully they will learn. Kareena for instance has come a long way – something tells me Vogue had a lot to do with it.

10. And finally…

a. One word that describes you?


b. A trend you wish would go away?

Peroxide Blondes! Send them to the moon.

c. A trend you can’t get enough of?


d. Shoes or bags?

Bags, clutches, hobos…et al!

e. If you weren’t a designer, you would be?

A Shrink

f. One thing Pratima Gaurav cannot live without?

My two year old work out – my son, Abeer


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Doing Denim

There’s no better way to dress-up or dress-down while keeping it basic… throw on a pair of well-fitting denims, a great top, perfect shoes and one is good to go. If only it were that easy right?

While some ladies looked good, some did okay… some clearly got it oh-so-wrong! We hardly feel the need to spell out who fell in what category… 😉


L To R: Shama Sikander, Rosa Catalano, Monica Bedi, Madhoo Shah


L To R: Sushma Reddy, Pratima Bhatia, Nethra Raghuraman

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Anuj Sharma

Spotted designer Pratima Bhatia in an Anuj Sharma Spring 09 dress at a recent do. We quite like this look on her, especially how she kept everything (accessories) minimal and let the simplicity of the dress shine.

Perhaps it’s because of that, that this otherwise unremarkable (to us anyway) draped dress looks good.

P.S: Below is a version of the dress.


Left: Anuj Sharma Spring 09
Right: Pratima Bhatia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Signature Style

Back in her beads/pearls and a cheery dress at a recent event makes us think, this has got to be Ms. Bhatia’s signature style… Non?


Pratima Bhatia At Muse

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Of Lil’ Dresses

After having given us such a dramatic look in her caftan, these feel a little staid on Ms. Bhatia but that’s no fault of these lil’ dresses.

I quite like the bespoke Savio Jon dress (below, left)… the ombre one, not so much (though, Payal prefers the ombre one herself). For me, while the dress itself is nice, it’s a little too cutesy.

Footwear from both her appearances is a whole other story… the shoes absolutely kill it for her.


Left: At Olive’s Anniversary Bash
Right: At Olive


Pratima Bhatia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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