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Clutch Spotting


On day three of HDIL Couture Week, spotted Anu Dewan with the Jimmy Choo Kase Oval Clutch… something that you might recall from our Lust List: July Edition


P.S. Sunny is the MD of HDIL. HDIL is one of the big sponsors of Couture Week and Anu is his wife.. Both are regulars in the party circuit with lots of friends in the film fraternity.

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The Lust List: July Edition

mb-pump-lust-list.jpg ga-pump-lust-list.jpg

Left: Manolo Blahnik Right: Giorgio Armani

jc-clutch-lust-list.jpg bv-clutch-lust-list.jpg

Left: Jimmy Choo Right: Bottega Veneta

vivre-chunky-cuff-lust-list-2.jpg vivre-chunky-cuff-lust-list.jpg

Left: Spiral Cuff Right: Gilded Cuff

vivre-chunky-necklace-lustlist-1.jpg vivre-chunky-necklace-lustlist-2.jpg

Left: Bronze Necklace Right: Santa Fe Necklace

bv-tote-lust-list.jpg hermes-sling-lust-list.jpg

Left: Bottega Veneta Right: Hermes

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Summer Cheer


Spotted Nina Manuel a few days back at the Tiger Conservation party hosted by Sanctuary at the Taj, looking all ‘summery’ and niiice! Now this is a Nina we know and love.

(She is carrying the Jimmy Choo Marin clutch in case you were wondering.)



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The Not-So And The Oh-So

Update: This post was accidentally deleted and so the ‘re-posting’. That should also explain why your comments might have suddenly disappeared. 🙁 Apologies.

This time even Twinkle’s yummy Jimmy Choo Pilar Bakelite Clutch couldn’t save her, we thought she was just too bland for the Green Carpet and wished that she’d turned it up a notch!

On the other hand, Mrs Bachchan is on a roll and we might even forget her Cannes faux pas at this rate! Loving her in the white ‘anarkali’, now why didn’t she pack this for her South of France trip?

Twinkle Khanna
Jaya Bachchan


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The Question Is…

Kahkashan had her trusted Choo by her side, while Mahima had hers… And, both paired their white shirts with vests and denim…

The question is…who takes this round home?

Source, Source

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