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Spotlight: Haathi Chaap

It is eco-friendly, it is organic and it is paper made out of elephant poop!! Yup, you heard it right!! And the products look as great as the ones made out of hand-made paper…

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(p.s: Just how great is the name ‘Haathi Chaap’??!!)



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Drink Up The Light

These lamps inspired by traditional Indian water vessels from Tom Dixon, have a very minimalistic feel about them… yet in no way, are any less impactful! Handcrafted with beautiful hammered details on the inside, these are what we very simply say, ‘fabulous’!!

To learn more about the artist and the product, go Here



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A Cuppa Joe. Or Kadak Chai?

As part of ‘Dining in 2015′ (a contest that had designers design a food-related product that would still be useful in 2015) , was this interpretation of a Turkish coffee set by Esli Alovi that I absolutely loved. The design not only takes into consideration everything required for the preparation of coffee, right from cooking it right at the table to actually serving it, but also integrates form with function with its beautiful use of materials (copper and ceramic) and contemporary design.

Turkish coffee is a lil’ too bitter for me but I would sooo figure out a way to make ‘chai’ in that. Love, love, love the design.

esli-3.jpg esli-13.jpg



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Fab Or Drab


I think these rice bag pillows are so crazy, over the top, kitschy and oh-so-nutty…I adore them! Fun.

Whats your verdict?


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Shine Some Light

Art Donovan designed this lamp called the Siddhartha Pod Lantern, his first in a style known as Steampunk which combines technology with Victorian sensibilities.

This lamp crafted from solid brass, copper and mahogany, stands over four feet tall and sells for (gasp) $23,000!!

Fab or Drab?

Read more on the lamp Here

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