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Excuse me.. What’s the time?

A lot of us do not pay attention to the kind of watches we wear. Picking a good watch is just about as important as buying a quality diamond. You cannot, and I cannot stress this enough, you cannot be going to work wearing too casual of a watch. And at the other end of the spectrum, wearing a flashy watch to work is an absolute NO NO!

Now, there’s Tiffanys for engagement rings, Harry Winston for diamonds, Rolls for wheels and then there are Rolexes for telling the hours! But if awareness bought ‘stuff’, I’d have a different Rolex for everyday! But since it doesn’t and I don’t..the pieces I chose make just as great first buys!

This Baume & Mercier is a great piece. The simple leather straps make it a very simple and elegant watch and it is a steal at under $1000.

Buy via Overstock

The Omega “Constellation” is a great first watch, if you have the money to spend(about $1000+). I like the simple stainless steel look, specially for someone who wears a lot of subtle jewelry. Pair this with diamond solitaire earrings and it totally transforms your look.

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Now to my favorite, the Cartier Tank Francaise is just totally out of the world in style and regretably, in price too! It retails for $3300 but can vary. Jennifer Aniston wore one with leather straps in the movie “The Break-up”. I somehow prefer the stainless steel look because it lasts longer.

Buy via Saks Fifth Avenue

I have noticed lately, time hasn’t been good to me. Its either never enough time or not ever good enough of a time! But there’s no reason why I can’t look great while telling the time! So, when someone asks you the time next, are you going to be proudly flashing your wrist?

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