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The Classics

Fashion and movies have gone hand-in-hand, sometimes to have given us icons and at others, iconic moments…

I have always loved the black-white-and-grey of movies as well as the effusive Eastman color. And all that came with it. Impeccable style being one. Katherine Hepburn, Liz taylor, Dorris Day, Grace Kelly, they all had IT but that’s for a follow-up post… For now though, here are some of my favorite snapshots of Audrey Hepburn movies that her friend and designer of choice Hubert Givenchy played a leading role in.

Sabrina (a movie I love) was the movie it all began with, the association between Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. The strapless ball-gown that Audrey wears in the movie after returning from Paris was designed by the Couturier and is one of my favorites. He later went on to design most of her costumes… A fortuitous meeting during the course of a shoot that led to a lifelong association and friendship between a soon-to-become style icon and a then young couturier!

Audrey Hepburn In Givenchy In The Movie Sabrina

Audrey Hepburn’s understated style and quiet sophistication/elegance remain uncontested. You haven’t forgotten the opening sequence of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s, have you? Givenchy and she, the dream-team!

Audrey Hepburn In Givenchy In The Movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s

And speaking of movies I love… Funny Face. Love it so much.

The all black look of Hepburn’s (from the movie) in cropped pants, black top and ballet flats inspired so many looks and was instantly memorable. Remember the Gap ad?

But, what I really loved were those Givenchy gowns. Swoon. The Givenchy wedding dress that she wears towards the end of the movie was just plain something else!

If you haven’t seen the movie, you must. In fact, go on and see all three (again)… so fun. I know I want to.

Audrey Hepburn In Givenchy In The Movie Funny Face

I will leave you with this really fun clip and even more fun song from Funny Face… Pay attention to the lyrics, it’s bound to make you smile.

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