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Recycling On The Runway

Well, we’ve seen it happen with Manish Malhotra saris (see here) and now its happened with a Pria outfit too. Spotted a pink dress from Pria’s collection already worn by Anupama, way before! (see here). And not just that dress, we also had spotted her wear a gold number with remnants of the same print used as a wrap on the bustier.

What’s more puzzling though is, what is this dress doing on the runway of her latest collection almost a whole year later? Filler item or is Pria looking to make this a signature fabric in all of her collections?


Left: Anupama Verma, ‘Woodstock Villa’ Premiere, May 2008
Center: Cure and Care Launch, June 2008
Right: Pria Kataria Puri’s Autumn 2009 collection presented Mar 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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Recycling ‘WTHEyyy’!!!

At Woodstock Villa Premiere
At Cure And Care Launch

So… there was some fabric left over from the dress that was worn to the premiere of Woodstock Villa, and where do you think it eventually made its way onto? Why, on another dress of Anupama’s of course!!

Where does one even begin with the horrible Herve Leger imitation dress that Anupama Verma wore to the Cure And Care launch… its one big bundle of ‘WTH’ and then some…

anupama-jun9-wth-12.jpg anupama-jun9-wth-2.jpg

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