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Alia on Vogue: (Un)Covered

In a Gucci, Alia covers the September issue. Love the rich berry tones; she looked good on the cover! But wouldn’t it have been refreshing to see a young, edgy vibe given the rather young actress herself versus the more mature route that was taken?

Also, we mean this as no diss to Ms. Bhatt but, we are rather taken aback by Vogue’s decision to put her on its September Issue. Everybody in fashion (and with an interest in fashion) knows of the importance of September issues and the prestige its covers hold. And to then give this particular cover to a (movie) debutant with no body of previous work surprises us. It may have been a coup for Vogue to have her on its cover first, but wish it didn’t have to be Sept. Guess ‘SOTY’ (her upcoming movie) has a brilliant marketing team.

As long as we are on things that surprise us… How come Neha Dhupia hasn’t gotten any covers yet?

Left: Gucci, Fall 2012
Right: Alia Bhatt on Vogue India Sep 2012

Photo credit: Twitter, Viral Bhayani

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In Twos: Part Deux

Two sightings of Alia so far and can’t say we’re impressed. Princess-ey pink might have been what she went for at DCW but are we the only ones who think someone purposely ran the skirt through a pair of scissors? Her debut look also wasn’t any better either. She looked rather uncomfortable in the short mini.

Here’s hoping she finds her groove. Soon.

Alia Bhatt
Left: at PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012
Right: at Student Of The Year First Look

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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