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We’ve all noted before that sometimes at an accessories launch event, the clothes overshadow.

What we weren’t expecting though was a drab maxi. Not that those sandals stood out either.


Alia Bhatt at Bata Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. P&P, this was for the Bata store launch and those shoes are most definitely from Bata! I’m pretty sure, if given an option, she wouldnt have worn those horrendous shoes too!

    • Yep, we know they are Bata. Just seems funny that you pay for a celeb to come to an event and then put them in the most nondescript pair of footwear.

  2. i think it’s all in the talent. Another celeb with some spunk could have made those shoes work and worked them. It’s this poor little kurdi with no Umph that couldn’t sell these shoes with her outfit or her personality…

  3. Another look that Alia couldnt salvage … Alia could use a good stylist to rehaul her often bland looks and better makeup for make more fun, vibrant appearances …


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