In Ridhi Mehra

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At the premiere of Manmarziyan (titled Husband Material) at TIFF 2018, Taapsee was seen in a Ridhi Mehra jacket and long skirt paired with silver earrings. The skirt could’ve been just a tad shorter but she looked lovely nevertheless.


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  1. Honestly, giving the title “Husband Material” to the film which is so poetically named “Manmarziyan” is a bigger faux pas than Taapsee’s skirt 🙂

  2. Her choices of clothes I really like. They are exactly the kind I would go for! (Like PnP keep saying about Neha’s). This is a lovely black and white elegant look!

    • Agreed! whilst I’m a huge Vicky Kaushal fan, so it was understandable that I thought he looked delectable, but I found Abhishek extremely attractive too, and I’m not crazy about his looks at all!


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