In Twos


Promotions for VDW saw Swara in a Kotwara suit on Monday and then in a white dress by Pankaj and Nidhi on Tuesday. Much preferred her in the dress. Between that color blocked kurta, the lace churidaars and those small sunnies, there was nothing to like about the Kotwara appearance.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The first pics look my neighborhood aunty holiday pictures on Facebook. White outfit is flattering minus uncomfortable facial expressions.

    • “The neighborhood aunty” … Is it a term for someone not stylish or does not know how to carry herself? The way I understand, kids and even grown-ups addressed neighbors and family friends as uncles and aunties out of respect. It is sad that those terms are no more a moniker of respect. In fact, they are carelessly used to deride other people in order to feel superior.

      • No, it was not an affront on elders. It was an analogy comparing Swara Bhaskar’s look to the kind of images (middle aged) women put up on Social Media where they try to pose in the most ridiculous manner that conveys a fashionista persona. Indian women dress beautifully both in Indian and western wear, but when they try to merge the two styles in a laughable manner, not backed by sincere efforts but with a sense of pretentiousness, it deserves to be called out.

        Please do not try to start an argument for the sake of it, this whole respect elders only because they are elders is an archaic notion. Respect somebody, older or younger, because it is the civilized thing to do, and because they offer you the same courtesy. Thank you.

        • I completely agree with your comment, these days people just fly off the hook, and write long tirades.
          People here just write their instant opinion and move on, we are critiquing the dress not any person,whosoever, i am sure lot of people would look bad in that dress and they would elicit the same response especially more due the poses. Peace out.

        • Neighborhood aunty on social media. You are very right. Clap clap for Dee4You. Keeping aunties in high alter and fake respect was getting out of control.

  2. Kotwara looks Komical! – except the footwear, that is!
    The Pankaj and Nidhi on the other hand looks ethereal.
    But is she trying to mimic how her co-star’s pouts ? We already have enough Kareena-attitude-pouts on our hands to deal with more of this.
    No Swara, No!

  3. Mama mia…love the white dress …sexy and demure at the same time. When one has clothes to ‘speak’, one should let go of facial expressions.

  4. It’s so transparent when she veers into “wannabe territory”….that’s exactly what happened in the first look with the sunglasses, the pout that dupatta tied like a scarf

  5. As much as I super loveeee the white look … the same amount I hate the black look lol

    She looked amazing in white … it’s the best she have dressed

  6. eeeks.. she’s pretty but what on earth went into her outfit choices? her hair and make up has been so fab.. hope they arent giving sonam rejects to swara n shikha. do the actors have a say when the ‘stylists’ put them into such costumes???

  7. Oh Noooo Nooo Noooo… someone please kill this small sunglass trend before it starts. It looks every bit as comical as it is uncomfortable.

  8. She has officially joined the wannabe category. Is she trying to pose and pout like Kangana. It looks stupid on both of them.

  9. Something has happened to Swara after she started hanging out with the Kapoor sisters. She has turned into a wannabe fashionista. Her desperation shows in each of her outings and poutings.

  10. Those shades…ROFL. Her face in the first set of pictures really look so funny…Its sad that she is having to try so hard. Poor girl!


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