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The black sari ain’t the best, but relatively speaking, she did fare a tad bit better than the last time. Here is our tip: passing off innerwear as a blouse could be omitted for the next time.

‘Rock On’ Premiere
Day Two, HDIL Couture Week

Suneeta Rao

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. hmmm..actually PnP, the black sari is rather nice. but, yeah the blouse just looks bad. even a spaghetti strap blouse wudv done, but this one just looks like a bra! and a cheap one at that!

  2. Sunita, looks fab for a 39 year old, but having said that, this whole thing about always trying to look sexy kinda gets tiresome after a period. I like Indians in sarees, but if she just wore a better blouse it would have looked fab

  3. Haha with the kind of stuff I’ve seen celebs pull off (or not), I have to say I didn’t even pay attention to what was wrong. I just noticed how she used the same blouse for both saris, that’s all. But now after reading the comments and really paying attention to detail, I don’t know what to say. It does look kind of cheap… like if you really look at it. :/

  4. uhhh puhlease this is an autricious outfit!! Her La Senza bra really doesn’t do anything but make her look cheap and unfortunately this women has a butterface…amazing FLAT Stomach, amazing height, i’m sure long legs, arms a bit chubby but bascially everything but a face!

  5. sigh.. i am ready to forgive her for wearing a bra instead of a blouse, but the pose – that horrible chest thrusting pose takes away whatever little grace the saree lends to her.

  6. She’s looking like a tranny here and i’m trying very hard to be polite so the comment doesn’t get screened. She needs better blouses, preferably with short feminine sleeves and some serious make up classes.

  7. Is that really a BRA ????????? OMG !!!! Who lets them get out like that? Dont they have BFFs who pull them aside and give them a dash of truth? I feel bad for the lady…its about time she dresses up if shes thirty freaking nine years old !!

  8. aren’t sarees supposed to be elegant and classy?

    nowt elegant or classy about this look!

    With such broad shoulders she souldn’t wear such a teenie tiny bra/blouse type thing!


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