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Sridevi has been jetting in and out of Mumbai and sporting different looks while at it. Have a favorite?

She is carrying a Goyard (and wearing Bungalow 8) in the first look, Givenchy Antigona in the second and an Hermès Kelly in the third.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Who pays for all of this now that she ain’t working?? How come these celebs manage to be able to not change their lifestyle even after they stop working?

      • Lol. So true. The legend has been acting ever since age 4. Was a superstar in all of the 4 South Indian movie industries before becoming one in Bollywood.

      • Well do you think these people are covered here purely for fashion sense? If fashion sense was the most important thing then these celebs could wear street brands and get featured here. But we don’t see anyone covered here for just their wardrobe. We see them here because of the expensive brands they carry and create a sense of privilege that is not within the reach of the common man. Their rich lifestyle gives them access to brands that the common person doesn’t have. So my question was a simple one- when majority of the people work so hard their entire life and retire at 60, they still struggle to maintain the same lifestyle even if they live till 80 and have to cut down. And these celebs kind of retire at 40 and continue to maintain that lifestyle way beyond 60. So was wondering …

  2. I know it’s all in the service of fashion and all, but even just looking at photos of celebs endlessly switching handbags makes me tired. This kind of style philosophy – ‘everything new/different, ALL the time’ – seems high maintenance to the point of ridiculousness. Meanwhile there are probably homeless people and beggars just outside the frame. What a world.

    • I check HHC just once in a while because it seems like it features a lot of unexceptional women and the brands they wear and little else. The world is full of contradictions and juxtapositions so expensive fashion is always going to be there but the over emphasis on these women is both the reason for the site and dragging down the site.

      • Agreed. It’s a celebrity fashion blog, but there’s a lot of celebrities on here who lack style. Looking at so many photos of women just flaunting their purchasing power gets old after a while.

  3. These looks scream ” I’ve got a lot of Cash and I want y’all to know”. Tons of designer handbags, immaculate brand new mustard cape coat, etc etc

  4. If the celebrities wear the same dress or accessory at 2 different ocassions, they are pointed out and criticzed. If they were different everytime they are criticized.
    The celebrities do feel compelled to never wear the same dress/accessory twice, that’s in the nature of being a celebrity itself. The public and media is all judgmental nowadays. The celebrities get criticized no matter what they do. They can’t make everyone happy.
    Men fare well much better because they are mostly in suits, tuxedos, jeans or blazer. They don’t catch as much attention as the women do.
    Coming to affording, I think celebrities like Sridevi ‘borrow/rent’ for that particular occasion. If they owned all we see them in, their closet will be size of a warehouse.
    No doubt Sridevi can buy them all (or most of them), she’s pretty rich. She has been in movies since the age of 4.
    Sridevi hasn’t stopped working, she works much less often now, not uncommon among senior actors/actresses. And she is definitely one of the biggest celebrities of those who are more off-screen.
    What’s interesting is that Sridevi is more in limelight post her marriage. She was always known to be secluded and media-shy earlier.
    I am a big fan of Sridevi, but I have to admit recently I am getting ‘fatigue’ of seeing her too much in public appearances. She’s still very beautiful, but I miss her look from late 80s. Nobody can look young forever, the skull and face structure changes over time.
    Looking healthy and toned is one thing, obsessed to look too young is another, but who am I to tell what she should be living her lifestyle?
    To each to its own!

    • Nicely said. Sridevi is my all time favorite actress.
      She is trying to look updated and to the current trends, but it is not coming together well.
      She should hire a stylist if she wants to ace the look or no problem better to try than be stuck.


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