1. $2000 for sweatpants and a sweatshirt?? i am well aware this is chump change for her and her husband, but still, designer or not, some of us will never understand spending that kind of money on basic stuff that is likely no more comfy than your average GAP/Nike/American Giant sweats.


    • I already mentioned in my comment that i am aware this is spare change for them. Why not spend it if you’re rich? Because there is only so much you can spend on sweats. They don’t get comfier the more you spend on them. It’s one thing for her and her fellow divas to splurge thousands of $ on one piece of clothing, quite another to be a fashion victim who’s enslaved by brands.


      • Not to mention that spending 2000$ on these super ugly sweats is even more unacceptable. Some celebs will buy anything as long as it’s a luxury brand, no matter how ugly.


  2. I look at it this way – at least the money is now out flowing in the marketplace than collecting dust in her bank account… Her spending drives a small part of the economy then so be it… although in this case one can argue that it went from her account to collecting dust in D&G’s! As far as fashion is concerned, it is clear the amount of primping that goes into Sridevi to look like the doll she is in her other appearances… I agree that she does not have the nonchalant attitude to carry this ensemble.


  3. Is it just me noticing this? Why does sridevi always cover her lips/mouth while arriving from US ?? This is the third time i am noticing this.


  4. Sweat pants are sweat pants even if they are Dolce and Gabbana. And wearing sweat pants in public is for slobs, not for movie stars or for anyone who wants to be taken seriously. Hideous!




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