Speaking Of Shoes…

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How awful are the ones on Ms. Ekta Kapoor! The woman is pretty, has lovely hair and a dress that would have looked crisp paired with some pumps…

Now, I can understand that sometimes we tend to pick style over comfort(wearing pumps may not be appealing if you have to move around a lot), but with kitten heels and flats, there is no excuse to be out and about in these ugly slipons!


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  1. dont forget priyanka chopra at the love story 2050 world premiere in london

    her hair and dress resembles aishwarya rai at the cannes this year

  2. @austonpersaud,

    You r so right! i had the same thots when i saw her pics…

    I m confused..is Ekta married???? why is she wearing sindoor?? or is that hair dye???

  3. She looks so manly! And I don’t’ find her pretty at all! She usually comes across as devilish-looking to me…not a nice thing to say but that’s how I find her anyway…I read somewhere else that she got her teeth done recently…

  4. stockings with open toe footwear? Do u need a PhD in fashion to know that you just don’t do that?

    And i agree with Shona… she cannot be called pretty, though her hair IS nice. And thankfully in this pic she’s not grinning… she has teeth with black gums… like she chews gutka or something. Horrible!

  5. @anita – that’s Ekta Kapoor, the creator of almost all Indian soaps including Kyunki, Kahanii and the like, also not at all known for her fashion sense!

  6. ya i agree with MM… i dont think ekta is pretty at all.. but she can def look much classier with better style. the stockings and ridiculous shoes need to go.. maybe opaque tights and pumps or no tights at all would be much better!

  7. @jen…yeh they do look like those “shoes” she wore to an awards show.

    and yeh, she does look a bit manly…i think she just needs to soften her features. but she’s a workaholic so she prolli dusnt have the time to dress properly…she may hire a stylist but she’s also kanjoos when it comes to $$. lol so, ah well…she’ll learn…soon…maybe


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