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at an event where she was announced the spokesperson for Chopard perfumes, Sonam was seen in a Danielle Frankel wrap dress. Between the color, the belt and the off-shoulder design, this look pretty much reminded me of actresses who get ready for an event and doing makeup in their bathrobes prior to wearing their actual outfit.

Shop the dress here.

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Some part of her attire is always exaggerated/super voluminous…either the sleeves, the collar, the train etc and if none of these elements can be made voluminous, she will add a cape to anything and everything. To me that is related to confidence issues or a desire to stand out, this way or that…and i don’t understand why she would need that given where she is with her background and career…but then again, the film industry has its own weird insecurities….

  2. The best part is that she can get back to the hotel, take off the robe, get into the bubble bath and start singing “sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye” all over again.

  3. the hate and bias here is so strange lol. shes the prettiest actress in the industry and i thought this look was lovely. ive seen you all compliment the most bizarre makeup and fits of other actresses but there is some glee in nitpicking sonam

    • I so agree with you. There was a time when Deepika was slammed for her style (remember she once attended Cannes with Rohit Bal, as an ambassador for Chivas or some such?). All of the usual suspects go through cycles of love-hate here. There was a time when Vidya Balan was loved – when she was wearing lovely sarees all over the place. And now she is being criticized because “her elbow shows she has too little confidence, and therefore her fashion is bad”. The ladies at GFY call it the “Bitch Eating Crackers” phenomenon 🙂

      I am sure that within no time will we see Sonam being appreciated once again.

      FWIW, I think she looks perfectly reasonable, in her own Sonam way. She is of course so pretty and lovely to look at, that it is hard to make her look bad.

    • No one commented that she ain’t pretty, it’s her ridiculous styling nowadays that receives the ire. I think hhc has strong filters on comments which are a critique of personal attributes.
      Just as you have the right to find this look lovely..others have the right to nitpick( though this one is way beyond the limit where nitpicking could have salvaged it).
      Same applies to other bizarre makeup /outfits which are aplenty nowadays..some like it,some don’t.

    • @eva @olala totally agree. Nowadays the habit of criticism is so ingrained in people’s mind that we feel like doing it with a force intensity and almost anything and everything seems just not right, not okay. So we criticize if someone looks overconfident, if someone looks underconfident , or if someone in their own right ‘want’ to have confidence in their attitude. It’s never quite okay. Saying things like she looks like kamwali bai or mocking her way of styling in such an offensive manner seems offensive to me and says a lot about the person who can’t see anything beyond the clothes someone is wearing. So saying we’re just criticizing her looks not her doesn’t make sense here. When it’s always mostly about clothes. In this age we are never satisfied and hence we feel like we have the degree to give opinions about everything and lynch someone verbally which is quite disturbing to see tbh. If bashing someone also falls within human right lol, I wonder where these rights gonna end lol. Anyway I’m off from here. 🙂

  4. I dnt think this look was intended to be off shoulder. I think wearing the like a shirt dress with open hair would have made the look sleeker. This looks terrible as is

  5. This colour doesn’t do anything for Sonam. She’s in a style slump and this just underlines it. I wonder if the Chopard reps started getting second thoughts!!

  6. Chopard should be insulted that their newly minted spokesperson shows up for their event in a bathrobe. Sonam has become a victim of her own fashionista image.

  7. I think she wore the dress this way while it was a proper button down shirt dress. Flaring it out on both top and bottom totally messes this up.
    I would like to see the runway version of this dress.

  8. I honestly think she lost her confidence, every single dress/gown/saree that she wears is having a bulky voluminous unnecessary sleeves attached these days.. She has a swan like lovely face and a great height, so she should just take it easy peesy..

  9. Chopard!! Damn that’s a deal gurrll. Chalo one more event for Sonam to attend at Cannes. She looks cute here. Could have picked some better shoe color tho.


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