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Left: Sonam Kapoor, Verve India
Right: Tracy Reese, Spring 2008

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  1. flawless!! sonam’s style is absolutely flawless!! she looks fantastic!! the dress comes alive on sonam…the belt adds so much to the dress!! And the shoe and the little big…heck the cute dog…perfect!!

  2. i love this pic, the black and white theme, down to the little doggie….very trechic and she looks so to the manner born, and not trying too hard….love that about her..

  3. I love her is it safe to say she’s nearly, if not, the best dressed lady in Bollywood? Hope she keeps it consistent! Loving her entire ensemble… not so much the purse but she works it.

  4. Maybe I just don’t know how photoshoots work, but isn’t there a stylist who picks out outfits and then the model/star wears some of them and gets her picture taken? So how is Sonam doing a photoshoot with a dress thats been selected by a stylist a sign that Sonam has great style? Unless of course the dress was captioned in the magazine as “models own”.

  5. Sharin

    Photo shoots work exactly as you describe, but the reason we are going gaga over this pic is becos a)the stylist has good taste b) Sonam also has good taste, becos remember she has final say in what she wears, and unlike Ash has NEVER got it wrong c)the ease and comfort she displays is evident in her personal love for clothes, and the whole theme of black and white with the doggie added as a toungue in cheek look at taking fashion too seriously…

  6. just luv the ease with which she carries each and every dress, she makes even an ugly dress working, absolutely luv her style, totally agree with Adit !! I like the hair too, its giving a very casual and natural look to the shoot !!

  7. I think the reason I love Sonam is that she doesn’t try to look or be perfect – she allows herself to shine through!! never looks like she’s trying too hard to be “the most beautiful woman on earth”… She is having fun while working, you can tell:-)

  8. just want you guys tp know im an asst stylist at the above mentioned mag, and to give credit where its due all the people in our list in our shoots were asked to use their own clothes.. And put them together..


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