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Continuing her red series, Sonam stepped out in a Vedika M lehenga and then a Valentino suit for The Zoya Factor promotions.

Between the bad fit of the choli and the unnecessary bag pouch on the lehenga, I was feeling no love for the Vedika. On the other hand, loved the Valentino suit! But, if it was me, I wouldn’t have worn it with those loafers.

Have a favorite between the two all-red looks?

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I agree that the Valentino suit fairs much better in the two outfits but it seems to be a cross between a skirt and suit. The leggings bunching up in the feet isn’t really expected in a branded suit!!!

  2. Valentino is just not flattering. Blazer, too-long pants, pleated dress such a mush mash. Add the loafers and nothing works. Such a clownish outfit.

    Lehenga and that tacky jewelry -less said the better.

    Suggestion to club all her promotional posts in one rather than this repetitive red colored theme everyday. It’s getting a bit monotonous. Literally.

  3. Don’t like either of the outfits. The Valentino one looks quite bizarre – a skirt with a blazer and trousers worn with black loafers – what was she thinking?!! Cannot look past the bad fit on the choli from the second look.

  4. In most of her lehenga pics, she is so conscious and constantly covering her midriff with her hands. Why wear something when you’re going to be so uncomfortable in it?

  5. The Valentino suit is just awful. The bunching up of the pants at the bottom makes it worse. Looks like she wore them to look modest. The fit of the lehenga blouse is really bad and the bag is an unnecassary addition which adds nothing to the outfit.

  6. I really dislike both. The Valentino red needed to be tailored and much better shoes. The lehenga is badly designed and the whole look really doesn’t suit her.

  7. Cmon, if it weren’t for the Valentino tag, you would’ve taken this look apart. Blazer on skirt on pants which are neither here nor there. And the ugly bunching at the Ankle. It’s such a sloppy look. The lehanga fares better

  8. Both outings r hilarious… the so called suit reminds me of a don Quixote illustration.. she needs a sword to complete the look ! Already having red fatigue from her promotions.

  9. Both the looks are terrible. The first one looks like how the moms put on leggings under a dress on their little girl when it is cold outside. I am so annoyed with the bunching of the leggings at the bottom and those shoes with it. The bust of the lehanga is so ill fitting. And since Sonam must always live upto her fashionista status she had to hang the bag, regardless of whether it was required or not.

  10. The Valentino suit is God Awful…is it a suit or a dress or a salwar? And is that a little pouch hanging from the lehenga or my eyes are playing tricks on me? Well, I have nothing further to say except RIP Fashion!

  11. WHY CAN’T SHE WEAR PROPERLY TAILORED CLOTHES FOR ONCE? Gawd man this oversizing, slouchy, so much material is out of control.
    You know when I think of someone who aces the fashion game, Kate Middleton comes to mind. She might be boring from a filmstar’s perspective but the fit and tailoring of her every outfit is spot on. Just an example to show how wearing well tailored clothes can elevate a look. The dress can be voluminous, sure, but it needs to fit well where it should.
    Also, why no love for Dulquer? He looks smashing and so well put together next to Sonam!


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