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Sonam, who has been in London during the pandemic, shared some of her recent outfits on social media and of them all her outing in The Row dress was a favorite. Simple and elegant.

Did you have a favorite?

Sonam Kapoor in Emilia Wickstead

Sonam Kapoor in Molly Goddard, The Row and Loewe

Photo Credit: Instagram

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    • Your usage of the word “matronly” is demeaning and has negative stereotypes. It is just another way of calling it an “auntyji” look. These are outdated concepts like the idea of “age appropriate” clothing. Sonam looks lovely in the outfit.

      • Please explain why age appropriate dressing is bad? Is nt fashion all abt wearing what looks good on you? There is an age demographic for certain clothes and I dont think anything is wrong with that.

      • honestly I hate this whole “age appropriate dressing” concept along with “body appropriate dressing”. I’m 40 and on a normal day you’ll see me in really distressed denims and a crop top (with my lil tum tum jutting out)

        But i really think Paddy was using matronly as an adjective here.. the way one would say elegant but in a very conservative mother of the bride way.

        I didnt feel they were trying to be ageist but describe a style.

  1. for once a collection of outfits that isn’t tragically over trying with tie dye and neon trends or crop tops and distressed jeans but rather chilled out and elegant, and importantly timeless

  2. I like the Molly Goddard best, followed by the Emilia Wickstead in white shirt. The last one looks like period costume.

  3. I like the black 4th look, but outfit it strange.. 3rd look is nice could’ve added some accessories, jewellery to elevate. What is the first look?? A walking talking apsara floral pencil ??

  4. I like all of them but the Loewe feels a bit like cosplay to me. Esp with those boots. Very much Jane Eyre leaving the orphanage and trying to make her way in the world vibe.

    Sonam is so fashion forward. The brands she wears aren’t the ones one usually sees on bolly brigade.
    And her finishing is impeccable. The bag, shoes, hair and lip colour in the Molly Goddard – all comes together so well.

    There was time pre covid when she’s become a caricature of herself. It felt like she’s taking her self too seriously with her outfits.
    But now its back to her classic elegant yet unique look.


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