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Sonam attended a cousin’s wedding over the weekend and was spotted wearing a Dolce & Gabbana blouse and black skirt on her way out and a Bhane denim shirt with thigh-high Margiela boots on her way in.

Between the two looks, which is more you?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Definitely the polka dot and black skirt is more me. And she looks radiant in it. She looks good in the other look as well. Finally it feels like she is dressing for her age.

  2. I really want to ask ” what does it exactly mean by dressing for her age” I’m so peeved off by this comment all the time. I’m glad the other “blah blah blah boots in this weather/on the plane ” hasn’t surfaced yet.
    Guys n gals relax. She loves getting dressed “not dressing up” like a lot of u feel.
    I love getting dressed and if I knew I will be photographed as soon as I get out hell yeah!!! I would love to change things up all the time.
    We all know “the mirror does lie at times”. We have all had those moments and have the geeky old pics as proof.
    But it is very true and commendable that’s she is the pioneer in Introducing many Indian and overseas designers. Hate the term fashionista though.
    I have a good job and wealthy parents so I wear good clothes . And I get same response from desi aunties at work and I hate it.
    I do not dress skanky. Mostly it’s a suit dress or a sheath dress and blazer. But it’s the attitude. It’s all about making it work. And that’s all it is.
    I’m 36 with two toddlers and I’m still not sure what would be ” my dress for age”. I look good no matter what. Cause it’s my confidence and attitude.
    So next time instead of telling women how to dress let’s see how we can start unjudging women.
    We need to get rid of the old Indian cliche’s or else we will still b wearing ghungats/burkas and this blog won’t exist.
    PS: an avid silent reader and learner for many years. Never commented. But I had to get it out there today.

    • Thank you thank you
      You just spoke my words. This obsessions we Indians have for age appropriate clothes drives me nuts. I have just turned 40 with a 5 year old and I will still wear what I want to wear as long as I know I can carry it off. It’s really a shame getting old in India because the moment we turn 30 plus , we have to dress according to our “age”. Who sets this rules??? Why can’t we appreciate a woman in her 30 s or 40 s looking good instead of commenting on her age inappropriate clothes . If she looks good she looks good. Period !!! Stop age shaming women

    • I think what people mean is Sonam usually tends to dress older than she is. We often see her wearing clothes that are quite matronly and make her look older than she is. Nothing wrong with that but it is refreshing to see her dress younger as well.

    • I cannot speak for the person who made the original comment but when I look at this picture I feel Sonam dressed like a 30 something instead of trying to look older (which she sometimes tends to do). So she did actually “dress her age”.

      Additionally, I do think there is a fine line between knowing one can carry off something and actually look good carrying it off. And like you said that line is confidence! I have seen women who absolutely don’t have the body to carry off certain kinds of clothing but their confidence radiates and they look lovely!

      • Woah – okay. I did not mean any offense to anybody and everybody definitely has a right to wear what they please. That being said, the reason for my comment is because Sonam usually has the tendency to pick looks that ppl her age might not gravitate towards – meaning she dresses older than her age. And that does not mean just outfits, but the whole look (hair, accessories et al) And in the last couple of appearances she seems to have changed that aesthetic – and that’s why I made the observation. Sonam is definitely a trendsetter in Indian fashion – but that doesn’t mean what she wears is always good and translates well to the red carpet. Like everyone else – she wins some, loses some. And in this particular case I really like her looks.
        @CrazyAunty – kudos to you for wearing what pleases you and makes you happy, I am sure you rock your looks. @SD – I am not snarking anyone in their 30’s, 40’s for dressing in younger looks. Instead I am doing quite the opposite – Sonam does dress in looks beyond her years, and this is a youthful look and she looks great in it.

        • I am sorry for jumping the gun. My bad..didn’t realize you meant the opposite ?
          But honestly so many Indians keep commenting on this age appropriate thing. This makes me really sad. No one likes to get old but hey if you can still rock all the clothes you like and look good in it..aging won’t seem so bad. Live it up..that’s the way I look at life
          Apologies again ..cheers

    • Haha…Bhane clothes are the ugliest clothes I have seen on this site. And all of Sonam’s Bhane looks are some of her worst looks. Horrendous clothes.

  3. Cheers mate!!! You r right on!!!!
    When ” a certain someone”dressed in anarkali in her pregnancy she was always called “in a tent” but god forbid if she wore a mini( which I always did cause of climate) a midi or a maxi she would be crucified for being too modern cause she’s married in a particular family. Who decided it all….. she just wearing what she wants to!!!
    And the next one is”body type” cringe cringe cringe
    How many of us want to dress up a certain way but r afraid cause it’s not gonna translate well on us!!! ” A LOT” and we all have done it not once but many times…. ( unless u r always home and call grocery shopping n mandir/gurudwara ur outing)
    Women need to stop putting women down cause the way we look or dress up at the same time “overweight women trying to fit into smaller sizes” need intervention if or trying to b sexy

  4. I don’t agree completely with the above comment. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want at whatever age. But being weather appropriate, occasion appropriate and age appropriate is just a positive thing. Just like knowing what suits your body and style is a postive thing. One can always bend the rules, but some silhouettes and styles do suit certain age groups better. Clothing is for society otherwise humans would walk naked all the time . Yes it gives a woman immense happiness in enjoying “getting dressed” and you should celebrate that. But balancing your own inner free spirit and norms of society is what makes Indian women so special.

  5. She look good in dolce and gabbana. I just loved that look. Styling is on point. But cant say the same for bhane. I can understand why she want to promote bhane. But her styling is a big miss. Simply a big NO for that look

  6. While she looks good, no arguments on that, how exactly would a shirt with just boots translate it real life activities, like say, sitting down, walking around a crowded airport, raising your arms to put your cabin baggage in the overhead compartment, etc?

  7. Maybe fromchi-town meant she is dressing her age as in- not dressing like a MAHARANI Gayatri devi vibe!! N please don’t get me wrong, she was gorgeous n gracious.. But I think the lack of tolerance is getting evident in this blog too.. There are all kinds of people, some who think its ok n some don’t..

  8. Do celebrities not sweat? Thigh high boots in India are ridiculous and out of context. Unless you’re in the hills. Not unlike a backless choli in a New York winter.
    On to a broader point – does climate not matter at all in high-fashion?

  9. the second look is only a shirt and boots and no pants? Will she be asked to remove her boots at Airport screening? I am imagining how funny she might have looked with just a shirt on 😉


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