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The festivities of Sonam and Anand’s wedding kicked off on Sunday with the bride to be getting her mehendi done while wearing an Anuradha Vakil lehenga.

Stay tuned for updates. We’ll be bringing them as and when we receive!

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Instagram.

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  1. You are unrelenting crop-ers. Yes, it’s a fashion blog. Yes, it’s a post on Sonam. But we’d much rather see his full head than a fifth of it.

  2. She looks beautiful and that smile! I love that she kept the makeup and jewellery simple. The colours of that Vakil lehenga are beautiful and doesn’t overwhelm her! Can’t wait for the rest of the ceremonies of #SonamkiShaadi

  3. May God bless her and Anand…….love, love the Anuradha Vakil outfit. The color combination is very pretty, the makeup and hair and accessories don’t overwhelm and above all, the genuine smile of bride to be…MashaAllah….this is what makes it work for me the most. I am so glad to see her not going over the top….simplicity works best and its elegant…..Also, Anuradha Vakil designed her Saawariya costumes so this is a bit bittersweet to see her wearing one of her creations for her mehendi, I loved the costumes in Saawariya. Excited to see more of her outfits for the upcoming celebrations.

  4. They both look adorable and their happiness radiates …love. Sonam’s outfit is gorgeous, lovely color, and Mr. Ahuja looks pretty cute in that shade of peachy pink. It’s nice of them to share such special moments with us.

  5. Honestly they looked really lovely together
    Sonam’s smile is everything u needed to see in her wedding pics .. she looks really happy … god bless the couple !!!!

  6. Hoe beautiful does Sonam look as also the groom to be. Nothing to beat happiness and smile as the best beauty accessory. Also liked whatever little one could make out of her outfit. And the fact that she has not OD’d on the makeup or jewelery adds pristiness to whole look. Loving her whole run up to the Shaadi stuff till now.


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