In Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna


Ms. Kapoor brought in the New Year wearing a red Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna jumpsuit that we’ve seen on her in the September issue of Harper’s. Question is, did she love it so much she went out and bought one or just decided to keep it? ;)

Update: Sonam was gifted the jumpsuit by the designer duo. :)

Left: In Harper’s Bazaar Sep 2011
Right: at New Year’s Eve Party

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. Wow…u can so clearly see the photoshopping done in the Bazaar pic. How can come she looks so slim there in comparison to the one the right? Anyways I donn like the look on her, I know its new yrs’ but it somehow is just tacky to wear generally….more mag material to me.


  2. we really need to start finding the picture (and her size) on the right more beautiful than the photo shopped stick insect in the picture on the left.


  3. I think Sonam looks very attractive in the jumpsuit.The fit is correct, the color looks great on her, and it’s spangly and shimmery, appropriate to the festival.
    can I just say I’m a little tired of all the sonam – bashing? so what if she has (god forbid) a few extra pounds on her frame. I have PCOS myself and know how tough it is to maintain one’s fitness, and that she manages to keep slim and fit is inspirational.I know this is a fashion blog and not a discussion of celebrity weight,but I think a point needs to be made.




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