Sonam In Lanvin

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Update: Sorry everyone. We are travelling so more posts will come after a few hours…

Sonam walked the red carpet premiere of “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” in a Lanvin number complete with a black Bottega clutch.

The ruffled dress is lovely but does her hair take attention away from the dress or add to it?

P.S. Added the second pic to show the back of the dress seen on the runway on the top right corner…

sonam_lanvin2.JPG lanvin_spring_sonam.jpg
sonam_back_lanvin.JPG lanvin_sonam_back.jpg

Sonam Kapoor, “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane” Na Premiere


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  1. i think she looks gorgeous..long hair is so hot! she cud have done a high ponytail with straight hair but this looks good too! preettttyy

  2. I think she’s adorable. And the color looks great on her! She’s young so I excuse the hair. She has time to streamline her style.

  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous!!..Sonam is looking STUNNING!! I really love how she pulls of her style with such elegance.!!

    Loving the dress!!..

  4. LOVE the dress…but hte hair definietely takes away from it, it’s not stlyed at all
    she should donate to Locks of Love (if that hair is even real)…becasuse there is only so much you can do with that much hair…and she must get frustrated with it too, witht he heat of the sumer
    the overall look (aside from the hari of course) is PERFECT

  5. She looks effortlessly elegant. Though, i agree, if she had done her hair up she would have been spot on with her style. And for a newcomer that is great!!! I loved how she kept the look simple… Am impressed.
    P&P, what is the thing on her left ankle?

  6. gorgeous! elegant! stunning! beyond beautiful…the radiant smile…the dress, the bag, the shoes, the nail polish, make-up…just right!! impeccable. she could have done something with her hair but those locks are gorgeous…she looks beautiful and totally adorable!!

  7. She looks gorgeous!
    But I’m distracted by the mystery of the models…is the model facing the camera the same in both pics? so who’s the model who is wearing the blue dress in the second pic? or do they just look the same?
    sorry abt the sidetracking into inane detail 🙂

  8. goh-juss! the hair COULD have been different (it’s all her own, padaervo), but she looks so radiant it’s hard to find fault. but is the dress the same colour as the one the model’s wearing? one looks like teal, the other seems to be royal blue.

  9. She looks stunning. I think the cascading hair complements the soft ruffles on the dress…pulled back hair would have looked too severe, like on the model. Sonam looks elegant and natural…almost as good as Natalie Portman in Lanvin at Cannes.

  10. wow!! she is sooo gorgeous! even in horrendous outfits she look super-cute and now it like WOW!!! love her hair this way its more feminine…

  11. i totally agree with hotness. a pony with straight hair would have taken her up another level. and yes peep toes too.
    but all said and done very very nice overall. i heard shes trying to do some stuff to loose even more weight, and i really wonder why. she looks fab here

  12. shes pulled this look off REALLY well.. in fact she pulls the dress off much better than the model on the runway! go sonam!!!

    ps. LOVE the long hair look. totally adds to the dress

  13. i like her style…she’s just sooo pretty. and she actually has some emotion on her face…dunno how to describe it. but she’s not wooden like deepika.


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