Pulling A Paltrow?

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In an Alessandra Rich maxi that was very reminiscent of Gwyneth’s Ford gown from the Oscars, Sonam attended a housewarming bash tonight.

Red lips, a Choo clutch and sandals completed her look. You like? I have a bit of an issue with the length.

Thanks EatPrayShop for the ID.


Sonam Kapoor at Imran Khan’s Housewarming Bash

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Gwyneth’s look = perfection. Sonam looks like she’s trying too hard/wannabe. That length is so terrible, she should have changed into something else! I really don’t think this is a housewarming appropriate look.

  2. The shoulder area is way better in Gwyneth’s look – here it looks like a weird attachment. And between the strange dress and the flat footwear, something is very disproportionate about the look, but I cannot put my finger on it.

  3. her feet looks soo untidy !
    too much makeup .
    dress looks like a long toga on a halloween day
    Gwyneth’s look was just too good to be compared to this

  4. To0 Halloween costume-ish. Gwyneth’s column dress was very elegant…this is just a bad imitation. Her other recent appearance in a white Shehla K saree though was flawless. Please feature it.

  5. Stop trying so hard, Sonam. You’re turning into a joke.

    Her fashionista tag needs to be taken away. She acts like she’s going to a costume party everywhere she goes. Trying way way way too hard to stand out from the pack.

  6. A true fashionista needs to dress event appropriate ……not just be stylish.she’s turning into a joke……overdressing on most occasions …..just relax a bit sonam darling

  7. weird outfit for this event but I knida like her hair!

    why didnt HHC feature Sonam’s look from the Filmfare Press Conference yesterday! she wore a mint green Shehla Khan and looked amazing! it was a perfect appearance! how come that was ignored and only bad appearances of Sonam are posted?

    Can you post Sonam at the Filmfare press conference now please!

    • Why should she appear in jeans and tee for any event!! It’s too casual for the events she attends!! But I agree here she is over dressed especially those flaps! Without those its just a long maxi!

  8. teh fact that what she is wearing for a housewarming looks similar to what someone wore to the Oscars just speaks volumes about how overdressed she is! this is hialrious at so many levels!

  9. pl dont insult the sheer brilliance of gwyneth’s tom ford moment with this comparison. actually, i just dont know why anyone would wear this to a housewarming.


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