In Ashi Studio


Sonam attended the opening night of the Dubai International Film Festival wearing an ivory bustier gown with a matching long coat from Ashi Studio and Roger Vivier pumps.

While I loved those pumps, the whole head to toe white seemed a bit overkill but there is no denying she looked really good here. Even though it did give us a bit of a déjà vu.

Sonam Kapoor at Dubai International Film Festival 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This is an excellent look & she owns it every one bit!
    She’s wearing the clothes as opposed to the other way around – as sometimes can be the case with her.

    Looks a bit stuffy eith those shoes though.. open toe shoes would’ve been preferrable but I still love it!

  2. Wonder how long it took to squish and push and keep the girls in place like that! No love from me for the outfit . Its a pity because she got the makeup and hair right this time.

  3. The make up is really good ( rare in her case ) . The outfit is passable but she does wear it well . The shoes are hideous and bring the whole look down

    • The make up issues we generally see in pictures is a result of flash photography used on most Indian red carpets. You can see the difference in lighting *cough Bhayaniji cough*.

      She is such a pretty woman. No wonder she can make pretty dowdy stuff look magical.

    • The makeup is incredibly good- a rarity with Sonam! Come to think of it, I don’t mind the rest of the look either- pumps included!

  4. Want to love this without complaints.. as she looks gorgeous and thanks to the simple styling..but: wanna see more of the dress and want to see that coat worn better giving it the attention it deserves, mixing both has kind of taken away from each piece

  5. omg…. she looks amazing!!!!! no one brings fashion to the scene like HER idk y so many people undermine and are annoyed with her always…. i may not like some of the outfits which may seem a bit ott but there is no denying she owns every look she wears and gives us something to look forward too!!!! all her earlier make up issues are fixed – finally!!! kudos rhe and son

  6. Also deja vu of Deepika at Ralph Lauren show during NY Fashion week

    Not saying this to stir the DP vs Sonam pot FYI

    I love Sonam’s hair styling tho and that cheek highlight is nice!

  7. Her makeup is amazing but I don’t like the hair stuffed into the back of the cost.
    The boob show ruins this look for me . I saw this pic on insta and the model version was much better. Gorgeous outfit though

  8. She is always the one to show too much boobs on the red carpet! I’m not being prude here, but please someone tell me, how she manages to stuff herself in 3 size small cups every time. Neck-up he looks lovely.

  9. Either she’s squeezed herself into something that’s a size too small or that bustier is very poorly designed with no room for any kind of boob mass which is a shame.

  10. Her make up looks fab and she looks great neck up. I think she needed to go up a size and she needed something to break the head to toe ivory color.

  11. She looks subtle and so striking – just perfect! You guys have a tendency to pick up some issues in every look, when there are absolutely none!


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