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Wearing oversized sweatshirts with sneakers and socks and their Dior totes, Sonal and Kiara flew out of Mumbai recently. Sonal’s outfit is clearly Diana inspired and while the late princess wore the combo while working out, it’s just hilarious to me how people are making it mainstream. It’s a trend am never going to warm up to. Having said that though, I’ll take Sonal’s outfit over Kiara’s. She lost me at the heeled sneakers.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Or sometimes the basic tennis gear look and NYC cap (as its ppl reel under menacing ex-mayor blasio) is just that. And A OK for 80F, muggy Mumbai departures. Great sporty look.

    Gotta say, in reviewing Ms Chauhan history, her look quintessentially and globally a uniquely identifiable as Indian princess in traditional gear compared to say Latina or Mediterranean beauts! Like!

    Other gal, the pink pressed woolly pullover is fine, just pair it w some shiny red microshorts, tack some wheels to those booties and lets go rollerskates!! Just never show up at a terminal older than 14 dressed like that. If you do, see rule 1.

  2. Some shades look amazing on the shelf but not on faces. I really dislike the shape of these sunglasses, especially the one on the right makes the look feel weird and like she has an eye bandage / sleep mask thing going on

  3. ah well yeah, looks like they landed up at the airport straight from the gym! having said that, they are both looking good, just not location appropriate

  4. Unless they fly private what do they carry in those large totes with no zippers? How do they set it in the xray machine? Wont things fall out?
    How do things stay in place in the overhead bins?
    And oh! Kiara forgot her pants


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